Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bits and Pieces from our lives lately...

Well life has been busy and interesting as we prepare for our move to a new environment we have had many everyday experiences that I know I will love to look back on and remember about in days to come.

So for a mostly visual and light on words look at what we have been doing, please continue browsing.

Above we have the younger children bringing around the old clothesline posts for fire wood. I loved how they were using the billy cart and how Trahaearn started to run over to be part of the action.
Making Iced Coffee! Yes even in Winter cause I couldn't wait till Summer to try this great recipe
Drying Apples in our dehydrator. They did not last long and oh how much better they tasted than the store bought ones.
Drying tomatoes too as we  have a lot of dried tomatoes in salads and I wanted to try homemade ones
Bundling up for walks of an afternoon
Saxon carrying Arwen for a while
Vellvin helping our sweet dumpling after he was tired of walking
Bike riding in the wind.......an activity I still love
Putting our dried tomatoes in herbs and olive oil, just like the store bought ones
It is time for more mud kitchen play
And like a real kitchen there is always the clean up to contend with
Dressing up as a princess, part of daily life
A great Sunday lunch or brunch really_ fried tomato, mushroom, onion, Greek feta cheese, ham and eggs. Oh, this was a spectacular meal!
Sewing nighties for Vellvin and Arwen, as well as the unpicking as I made a couple,  well a few mistakes. Including sewing one of Arwen's sleeves to Vellvin's nightie and not noticing until I tried to do Arwen's sleeves
Playing in the trailer, a great cubby place
Pretend I-pod, cause the big kids have them!
Chicken soup. Heart and soul food!
Special pancakes for me. Makes me feel truly loved and blessed
Sisterly love, what more can I say.
After bath in a frog towel. Too cute for words
Tea cups are vital to daily life
Our hero as she ties up the 'badies.' Arwen is a hero everyday and has to dress up for it with a hat, kerchief and sword usually.
Spider knitting in bed
Having tea
Trying to join in said tea party
Loving her tea cup
Beautiful warm fire to be thankful for

Cooking the pancakes for lunch
Outside play again
Sweetness all round
Looking after baby brother
Putting puzzles together
Playing with the play scapes
So there you have it: bits and pieces from our lives lately.
Times to treasure and be thankful for in the everyday!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Sue Elvis said...

I enjoyed all your photos, Gae! Your children are beautiful.

Leanne said...

Gorgeous Gae, These are a lovely selection of photos... Can't wait to see how things unfold for you in the fuure.. God Bless Leanne


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