Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Kynan ♥

The years we have nurtured your body and soul  in our hearts are growing longer, but the years that will continue to abide  in our hearts will be forever!

How can one describe the love I have for you as a child of my heart?
Our first born child, the first to start the blessing of being a mother and father!
The first to hear the words mummy, daddy and love you from!

The first to share our faith with, our love of family, our mistakes in some things and our successes in others.

Of course you are the one whom I have taken to the hospital most too with your injuries from one accident or another.
The one whom as a mother of sons I loved learning about trucks, cars, motorbikes and all that fun guy stuff.
And I in turn hopefully taught you the delight in cherishing the women in your life.
Giving you guidance on the privileged of being a God fearing man who will stand up for what he believes in..... no matter what the obstacles.
All those late night talks we had as we prepared you to leave our home and make your way in the world, as you follow your heart and pursue the life you were created to live

Hold tight to your dreams my son, hold tight to your family (both now and future), hold tight to your beliefs and faith in God and your path will remain clear and true.

How proud we are of you and the young man you are.
We love you and miss you so much
Happy, Happy Birthday..........

All our love always
Dad, Mummy and all your younger brothers and sisters
xxxx oooo

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