Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Tasha Tudor Day 2012

Tasha Tudor day is a day I usually reflect on the beauty of a simple life and the desire I have to live a life surrounded by femininity, cooking, sewing, gardening and craft making.

For past years I have made a big effort for this celebration, even though it is actually our son's birthday.
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As we are in the last days of our move I was planning on doing some gardening, in fact taking some cuttings to take with us to our new home. As we will be in rented accommodation until we sell our home in Tassie I am looking at doing some container gardening. Thanks for the book Kendra!!
 As I went to start doing this I found that the small hand shove I was going to use had already been packed up by the movers and as I needed to dig some earth as we had not potting mix either I resorted to use of the spoon as my main digging implement.
 Corbyn was my helper, well on and off as he got  distracted. In fact Myffwyn was keen to be my helper all week but lost interest today. I have had to dodge the rain spells and finally made it outside this afternoon for my long awaited garden time.
 While I was filling the little tubs with earth Corbyn had already started cutting what he thought we should have as a cutting.....part of their favourite wattle tree from their favourite play space. This has featured in many games and posts in the years we have lived here.
 Corbyn was the carrier of the little pots to where we were putting them to put our cuttings in
 We planned to fill all these little pots with as many cuttings as possible.
 I just love our honeysuckle and geraniums
 Now he is cutting what I want. I have transplanted this honeysuckle now four times. The first time was when Vellvin was a baby.
 Roses are a hug favourite flower of mine. I rally love the' rambley' bush kind best.
 Yes we used root powder to help our transplants successful
 Corbyn really loved helping me and especially cutting the plants
 While going past the being moved dog house Corbyn spotted a couple of snails and of course he had to investigate.........
 and pick them up to move as well.
 After about an hour we had these little pots filled  and ready for the move!!!
As I was finishing Autumn came out side and we were picking up odd things around the yard and of course she found a little spade for me to use. Pity I was already finished, but thanks sweetie.

So that was our, well really my own Tasha Tudor day for this year.
But for more inspiration Tasha Tudor style be sure to visit  both Clarice and Suzanne.

Oh and I hope to share our Doll's Fair that we have celebrated in the past, Tasha inspired of course, and have never done a post on soon.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Storybook Woods said...

Happy (belated) Tasha Tudor day. Moving is hard and stressful but I am glad you were able to find a little Tasha time. Taking cuttings from your garden is such a brilliant idea and a great way to bless your new home xox Clarice

Erin said...

I really think it beautiful that you have transplanted your honey suckle so many times!

Suzanne said...

Hello Gae! You gardened on TT Day even in the midst of moving--wow! Wishing you the best:-) How neat your son shares her birthday.

Gae said...

Thanks for the visit for this special day


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