Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Christmas Books Wish List

As we approach the month of November I always like to look for new Christmas books to add to our collections. Sometimes of course it often ends up just a beautiful idea and then, sometimes, we actually get to add to our collection.
During the year I did get a couple of books for my birthday that I will share here and I will also add the ones  that we were able to get  after Christmas that I have not shared on my lists before that I absolutely love.

As  I have been making a wish list of sorts of some I would love to buy and read to our children and thought others would like to see what we like to read. I will post them here as well.

Not all our Christmas books are about the actual Christmas story, but if not they do usually have something to do with the traditions of Christmas or about a Christmas virtue so to speak.

These are the new books that are new for us this year (so far)~
A Christmas Dress for Ellen
Little Fairy's Christmas
Penny's Christmas Jar Miracles
The Christmas Eve Ghost
Annika's Secret Wish
The Gift of the Christmas Cookie
The Wee Christmas Cabin
A Child is Born
The Shepherd's Christmas Story
The Little Drummer Boy
The Little Christmas Tree
And here are the books on my Christmas Wish List ~

These are the other books we own that I have made up into different lists that you may enjoy looking at~
Advent and Christmas books List 1
Advent and Christmas Books List 3
Chapter or read aloud books
Countdown, craft and activity books
Board books
2009 List
Blessings to you and your homes,


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