Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vellvin's Birthday in Collage ♥

Today we finally celebrated Vellvin's Birthday and what a day it was!!

We had Saxon up sick through the night and I was up very late tying to finish her birthday preparations but our sweet little Trahaearn is so unhappy at the moment. He is still not eating much and needs to be comforted  with much love and holding.
Moran is still recovering and even Vellvin who seemed to be getting better was not entirely at 100% today.

We did have a surprise for the younger children, and Vellvin as she had gone to bed this morning. Braedon had brought back Anna-Lisa to stay for a few days and as always she is a most welcome addition.

So food for the day~
 for breakfast Vellvin had Banana and Oat Smoothies ( recipe to follow)
Lunch was supposed to be Berry fruit Salad and Yogurt but no one felt to up to it so we skipped this
Dinner was beef stir fry with soaked rice and spinach
Cake: A Secret Benedict Society Book Inspired cake, the house that Mr Benedict lives in
Party Bags: musk sticks, gummy bears, sour things, mini M&M's and skittles. As per lunch not everyone was up to this either.
Drink: I made a new drink called St Clements ( recipe to follow) Oh yes this one is super easy and so very, very lovely.

The  children watched Star Wars ( the first old one, I don't know it's new fangled name) as Vellvin was feeling g a little down with so many sick people on her birthday.
Then she went and read one of her new books.

Did I mention that most of Vellvin's presents were books and the new Taylor Swift CD too.
This is the same mix she had last year!
I see a pattern emerging here. Well the books have been standard for a few years not but now a CD too.

Happy Birthday to our most precious and sweet natured girl.
We love you so much.

All our love,

P. S. Could I ask you to still keep our children in your prayers we are really struggling with getting over this virus. Thank you so much

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