Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Epiphany 2013- Part 1

 Epiphany is the last celebration for us in the Christmas Season and it is one that is still looked forward to in our family as we are still in holiday mode and love sharing these times together.

So even though we well I forgot to prepare for this on Saturday night as it was one of those busy and quite hot weekends for us, and we were concentrating on the activities for Sunday too. I also forgot the date completely and it wasn't till very late in the evening that I remembered and did not have the necessary items to fill the shoes.

However that is never a reason not to celebrate and I have no fear of being a day late or two either as it is the celebration of the Liturgical event we are trying to honour and to teach our children.
 Thus our preparations for the day were made anyway and I was very thankful that Eden was able to mostly help me with this as well this year.
First off is the traditional print of a picture depicting the Wise Men. We laminate them after writing on them to keep in our special boxes of Liturgical Party Favours.
 These are Arwen's little shoes (scuffed and all) I think that is her third pair of red shoes, I do so adore red shoes on little girls, with her gifts  in side and the picture waiting to be discovered in the morning
The  children just before they opened the Wise Men's gifts, minus only 4 children!
 The Infant Jesus that was represented at Christmas is now transformed into a King withe Crown, scepter (of course the scepter that I kept picking up all over Christmas could not be found when we needed it and so a gold pencil had to suffice) and luxurious fabric now on His throne that was once a cradle

Both Arwen and Trahaearn were most eager to get into the shoes and gifts as we opened them. Trahaearn really had missed the excitement as he finally fell to sleep as we were talking about the symbolism and story of the Wise Men coming and so he missed the actual opening together.

The coins and the jelly beans or rather gummi bears this year were gone very quickly and we still have more celebrating to share with the Three Kings Cake and reenactment of giving the gifts still to come.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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