Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Homemade Reusable Coffee or Tea Bags Tutorial

Recently I discovered the joy of  Robert  Timms Coffee Bags along with a frothy milk top and had really enjoyed the pleasure of these as a special occasion cup of coffee in the evening.
However it didn't take we long to realise I  preferred to have these instead of the instant coffee I have had nearly all my coffee drinking days.
While I loved the taste and the ease of use I did not like the price tag, especially when the other coffee drinkers in the house decided they liked them too.

So what was I supposed to do?
Obvious isn't it I needed to make a reusable Coffee bag and put some of the ground coffee I already have into it and use this each time.

So how did I do it?
Like this!!
You will need~
Light muslin
crochet or embroidery thread
heavy cardboard or a button
over locker, sewing machine, OR hand sew the lot

To Make~
1. Cut the muslin about 15-20 cm long and about 5cm wide
2. Fold in half and over lock the edges together making sure you leave an opening at the top.
3. Turn it inside out and fold down the top ( I think it is neater this way but you don't have to if you like  a more 'rustic look')
4.Cut out your cardboard shape into a little 'jiggler' that will attach to the thread and your bag.
Thread the needle and ...
5. Start to sew along the top of the bag using a running stitch.
6. Once you have completed the whole top of the bag so it can be drawn up sew on the button (how I have done it since taking these photos) or sew on your cardboard shape.
7. Put coffee in the bag and pull the sting tight.
8. see the coffee sits nicely in the bag.
9. Place the bag in your cup or mag and pour boiling water on to it.
Let it brew a few minutes and then add milk and/or sweetener of your choice.

After use empty out the coffee grounds rinse and dry ready for your next cuppa.

So how was that?
So quick, simple and easy It only took me a mater of minutes to make, and I am sure you will love saving money the same as I did.

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Blessings to you and your homes,

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Tonya Gunn said...

What a fabulous idea - great for camping too.


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