Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reading and Knitting = Yarn Along

It certainly has been along time since I was able to a yarn along post but here I am with a quickie.

I have been reading Trim Healthy Mama which I am so very happy with. I completely finished it except for the recipe section as I didn't want to get side tracked by the wonderful recipies. The information is so well written and easy for everyday mama's to understand in small chunks through out the day.
I have found it has given me a practical guide to improve on the reforms we have made in our lifestyle of eating after reading Wheat Belly, Nourishing Traditions and Cure Tooth Decay.
As we are just about to implement the ideas and new products into our home I will be monitoring how we go with this.

Hmmmm knitting. Every now and then I pull this lovely bit of knitting out. Really it shouldn't take me long but I have been distracted by other projects and it seems that each time I actually do get to start a small one or large for that matter needs me for some time with them.

Oh  well it will get finished one day I am sure. It is only another of my Dishcloths but how I love this pattern and the yarn is 100% organic cotton and sooooooo lovely to work with.

Anyway I am joining in with Ginny and her Yarn Along this week. Hope to see you there!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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