Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Celebrating May Day 2013

It must be fairly obvious that I love May Day and so I just have to  finish my posts about this day in our home this year.
Obviously I am way behind because of the time I have been in hospital with Corbyn.

Anyway this was our May Day Display on our Kitchen Table with our May Day Cake, beautiful flowers, May Day Wreaths for the girls our Kid friendly May Poles (no post for this yet), our Miniature May Poles, and our Doll/Fairy May Pole (no post either yet).
 We just had to decorate our cake with a Miniature May pole and those cute little Sylvanian Critters we own.The children are playing on the May Pole and Grown ups watch....just waiting for a chance to play as well I am sure.
For our cake we used this recipe from All the Year Round with a few little tweaks:
We used butter instead of margarine
Rapadura instead of caster sugar
Spelt flour instead of plain flour
and it turned out very nice indeed.
However next time I will use sprouted flour instead too
This was my piece of saved cake that someone took a little nibble on.
We used a cream-cheese and butter frosting with a hint of stevia for sweetener and some cinnamon too.
Of course we had to have the May Pole Dance and due to the fact we left our old May Pole in Tassie when we left Rogan was a great help and found us a pole (even though it wasn't as large as last year) and affixed the ribbons and flowers on to it, in a very similar way to how we made it last year.
In fact it really is a very easy may pole to make!!
WE did not have all our children home to celebrate the May Pole Dance, in fact we only had 7 of our children and it seemed very small indeed. However it was certainly celebrated with all the enthusiasm and vigor of past years.
Our little girls wanting another turn ......again........and so were untangling the ribbons
Because the girls had  May Day Wreaths on the little  boys insisted they needed crowns too and so quickly found their birthday crowns and used them as well.

And there you have most of our May Day Celebrations for this year!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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