Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

'Mothers Day' that one day a year when the value of motherhood is celebrated in our society!
How many times has this day not gone exactly to plan in most of our lives.
The reality of the day as opposed to the expectations of the day can sometimes cause an emotional let down not only for the Mama but for those who are trying to create the special day.

And yet the hype that it is given in our society is really part of the problem.
The commercialism and the images of a perfect 'Mothers Day.'
This may happen in some homes and yet a lot of mothers who want this to be a fantastic day of memories, are often surrounded by those very small children who call them mummy, and invariable the everyday living of being mummy to them can cause tension and anxiety for everyone involved.

Now don't get me wrong I love the the fact that I get to be 'queen of the day' in our home for this day BUT really I aren't I always?
Is this not a title that can be applied to every mother?

Am I not the one who can create special times with the family, the one our little and yes big ones come to for help and a wee bit of love and encouragement.

The fact is Mothers Day is not a single day in each year but the joy that comes from  being blessed mothers everyday.

The joys and the tears, the frustrations and the triumphs are the crowning glory that we have as mothers.
It is in the everyday that we are cherished and we choose to cherish and nurture those precious souls entrusted to us.

Motherhood  is a GIFT!
A gift we can welcome and enjoy everyday despite the days when it all seems too much work.
But oh the countless times that gift can bring such wonder and absolute joy is why 'Mothers Day' is in my opinion EVERYDAY.
May your Mothers Day be a most blessed day surrounded by the love of each of your children who may be near or far, and may the love you have for them and they for you  never diminish!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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