Thursday, May 2, 2013

How we 'fight the 'baddies' now.........

And so it begins!!!

It seems that suddenly we have now hit the Autumn Season in a big way and thus we are in the process of being susceptible to colds and flu in our family circle.

Nearly always it is our sweet Myffwyn who gets it first and then generously shares it with nearly everyone else. Myffy tends to get it the worst and often gets very sore around her mouth and nose from constantly wiping there. She always gets a cough and the whole miserable thing. However she also is one of the easiest to help as she tends to go into hibernation mode and allow her body to recover with rest.

I am a big believer also in getting the children outside as soon as possible for some sunshine and fresh air. I do think this is a natural way to help the healing process, however only once they are past the quite sick stage that is.

Before that is is rugged up and lots of love and cuddles while giving the best of medicines we can.
But what do we do when the baddies  wont stay away?
Well this is what we have been doing this year and I have found that it not only helps with the cold but seems to reduce the time it actually stays around before going off to plague some other poor unsuspecting family.

Three times a day I give out to the sick person:
I line them up in this order and they are consumed from left to right in quick succession, leaving the best till last!
1. Olive leaf Extract (the amount on the side for age appropriate people)
2. Sambucol - black Elderberry extract. I love this but it is quite expensive $17 for a small bottle and so I really need to order some dried Elderberries and make my own. At least I have now found an Australian supplier so this is next on my making list.
3. Next is a fruit juice mix of cranberry and other fruits and/or vegs. It can vary at times but I always get the one with out sugar. However you need to look VERY carefully for this.
Updated 2014 Here is my post on how we make our own Elderberry Syrup and Tincture that I now use exclusively instead of the bought brand
4.Vitamin C and Zinc powder. This brand is currently the best value for money at my Health Food  Store and I really like the powder as I can vary the amount given more easily than edible tablets.
Not to mention our children LOVE the edible tablets and tend to treat them like a treat and so we have had the situation of having no Vit C when a cold actually made it to our home.
I add this to orange juice or water, but like the added boost form the orange juice usually.
The next thing in our 'fighting baddies' arsenal is TEA.
We use three types as a rule and vary them to suit individual taste and how the person is feeling.
English Breakfast Tea with milk
Chamomile with raw honey, and sometimes ginger
Peppermint with raw honey.
These are given often through out the day
This one is my favourite and I drink it even when I am not sick!!
A simple Hot Honey and Lemon drink.
We even use that bottle of lemon juice on the shelf from the supermarket if we do not have fresh lemons (and frankly it is often quicker if you have a heap of sick children)
So into a large mug put generous amounts of lemon and raw honey, I do mean generous. I love it very tangy and yet very sweet.

Of course Raw Honey is so much better for you but if you cant get that just use what ever you have on hand, it will still be good for you.

Pour on the boiling water and stir till the honey dissolves, then sit back and drink a mug or two (or even three as I have tonight)
Next I will use this chest rub.
This is my home made version of Vicks Baby Balsam and is so much better as it does not use petroleum jelly.
Rub this on the chest and back and soles of the feet to help with stuffy noses and breathing.
How did I make it? Well that is one of my upcoming posts!
Be surprised at how easy it is to make and very cheap too.

You might have a constant 'nose rubber' who needs some softening and healing cream to help during this time.
In the past I have used Bepanthen  and Lansinoh both of which do an excellent job but again can be quite expensive if used in large amounts.
So I made this lovely soft and healing hand cream which is perfect for  around the nose and mouth

And then of course their is specific lip balm that not only tastes good and smells good but is so much better than the standby I have used for years with out knowing the danger of using it all the time... Petroleum Jelly.
Yes it is cheap and yes it can help with the cracked lips  but really the home made lip balm is equally as cheap too .

In fact you really only need a few key ingredients to make all these at home, in a large supply, very easily and to your own personal preferences.

Yes I know I will post the 'how to' later in the week for you.

Now you know this is how we 'fight the baddies' in our home. I am sure there are some other things I have forgotten however I will add them if I think of them soon
I hope you will try some or all of the ideas and see how they work for you.
If you do please let me know how successful they were for you!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Valerie said...

Hard to think about cold and flu season starting...up north of the equator as we are just wrapping up that season!!! In was an exceptionally brutal one at our house. Mostly gastrointestinal rather than upper respiratory. Looking forward to warmer days even though we are forecasted to get SNOW here in Kansas on May 1!!!

Sugar Pie said...

Morning Gae,

Yes Autumn has hit, this year we have had a dreadful chesty cough going round our littlies for a few weeks now, I think we're on the tail end of it now,please God.
We have a special needs son whose body seems to go into shut down when he's not well...he will sleep on & off for a few days & then bounces back, thanks be to God. I hope you're family gets well soon.

Gae, I have enjoyed reading your blog for some time now & it never ceases to amaze me how much you do...& I am always left wondering how do you find the time... I know a busy person makes time but I think maybe I should be asking where do you find the energy?? I would love to know a day or better yet a complete weekly schedule of your time & doings/accomplishments....I seem to flounder around chasing my tail.

Take care Gae & God Bless you & yours,
Robyn xxx

Leanne said...

I love reading your blog...and I thought you'd like to do a fashion meme.


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