Monday, May 27, 2013

Pentecost Celebrations 2013

I know what you think!
Another feast day celebrated late. Well yes and no.
We did not celebrate on the actual Sunday as we ended up back at hospital with Corbyn who had a fall of his crutches (let me tell you that was not a happy time and I did not want him to end up in hospital again BUT we did celebrate on the Monday and I just have not had a chance to post on it yet.
One of the simple things we did as it was a simple day unlike some previous celebrations was to display these very cute little 'dove' looking birds we found at Spotlight earlier in the week. They sat nicely with our Father Pine on our kitchen table all day.
As we had an invalided Corbyn the main activity besides food was our traditional letting off of balloons in the afternoon.
I was very keen to make a 'Whitsunday Couple,' I have been for years actually and actually started but with everything else I still have not completed them
"A tradition of some churches in ancient times was to baptize adult converts to the faith on Pentecost. The newly baptized catechumens would wear white robes on that day, so Pentecost was often called “Whitsunday” or “White Sunday” after these white baptismal garments. Many Christian calendars, liturgies, and hymnals (particularly those from the Episcopal/Anglican tradition) still use this term."
We set up our seasons table with all our Pentecost decorations including our Apostles and Mary, paper doves and tongues of fire in paper streamers and painted egg cartons as well as some clouds from fleece and our wooden flame.
All right I admit our children love when there is a food theme and a very simple one is these little 'flame pasties'
They are so simple to make:
Simply take some puff pastry, cut it into rounds and cook it.
Then place whipped cream on top and a fresh strawberry (if you can find any, I couldn't) or a raspberry lolly on top
As we ate them I read to the children from the New Catholic Picture Bible
Naturally the children wanted to be part of the putting together of  these pastries and I think you could say there was just  a little bit of tasting  in the process.

Were they a success?
I think you could say they were in the how quickly they  were eaten.

I just love how they are so hollow inside- another representation of  air/wind in my opinion
This is the  book we use to say special graces on feast days and other special events.

And on to the fun part of balloon throwing and watching please..............

Trust the boys to have to get some swords out and play with the balloons.

Corbyn was a little left out of these games and found it a bit hard as he was confined to a chair but still we brought some balloons  for him to have a little fun too.

And thus ends another celebration of Pentecost in our home!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Erin said...

I love the cream puffs and the balloons, I actually could manage them:)


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