Monday, August 26, 2013

A day out with my little Girls!!

For some weeks out middle girls have been nagging asking for for a day out to spend their saved birthday money and other monies they have saved over the last months.
They had an agenda all planned and the places they wanted to  go to to get these wonderful items.

They list of things they wanted to get however turned out to be much larger than their combined resources which became very apparent as we actually started on this journey on a Saturday morning.
We had planned to go just the two of them and with me but as it turned out their Daddy wanted to do a couple of things while we were out and so he ended up coming on the 'all girls out' expedition.
As it became  obvious to them that  buying leather boots and dress ups (after I convinced them I could make the same thing for them at no cost to their spending money) they turned their eyes to accessories.
Crowns, feather boas, masks, huge ornate rings and sparkly wands were the chosen items for the day.
Of course in the girls opinion a day out is not complete without a special drink and they had been eagerly awaiting going to McDonalds and indulging in a Frappe that they had heard so much about from older siblings.
As this was a special event though we did spurge and get a gluten free cheesecake for them too.
Um yes these totally were not a sugar free alternative though.
In my opinion thought the specialness of the day and spending the time together was certainly worth a little sugar overload though.
Due to the fact Daddy came with us and we went to the local Co-op, and he saw these gum boots, and the fact that he knew they needed some, Daddy was a very easy mark in getting them for the girls.
Mind you pink sparkly gum boots are a fashion statement when going to check on the chooks don't you thin?
And of course we certainly wore these brand new fashion accessories as soon as we got home and at every opportunity since!!!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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