Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Planning for our Tasha Tudor Day

It has been quite a few years since we have had a Doll's Fair (and I have never posted one on here either) and every year the children ask me if we can have one again.

Usually we have a lot on when they ask (frankly we always seem to have a lot on) but as tomorrow is Tasha Tudor Day and as our oldest son is away in China and there for not having HIS birthday tomorrow I succumbed to the pressure and said YES this year we will have a Doll's Fair.

Of course this means organising everything in less than one day but hey we can do that can't we?
Of course we can!
It will mean not having actual cardboard booths like we have had in the past but we will improvise.

Today Rogan started to see how we could set up outside.
We worked out a menu that wasn't too time consuming and I went shopping for bits and pieces.
We thought about decorations we would like to have and the type of table booths we wanted.
While I was out the children picked some flowers and made posies for the Flower Stall Booth. They put them in water overnight to keep them fresh.

So tomorrow will be a  full on organising and celebrating day.
What is Tasha Tudor Day you may ask and what is a Doll's fair?

Well Tasha Tudor day is a celebration of her birthday that we do along with many other people who admire her  lifestyle and books. It was created jointly by Suzanne and Clarice and we share what we have done on this special day.

In the past we have celebrated in these ways:
Taking cuttings from out garden as we moved
List of things that remind me of this gentle lifestyle
Femininity  quotes
The many ways we celebrated in 2010
Plans we had in 2010
Why I love Tasha Tudor
Our Sparrow Post Office which really needs a make over
The Doll's Fair is in the book A Time to Keep as well as All for Love and we originally loved the illustrations and how they did these fun things together as a family.

That can be all it takes for us to create a family tradition!

So tomorrow will be full on for us. I hope you can enjoy the day too.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Storybook Woods said...

A doll's fair! How wonderful and such a perfect way to remember Tasha. Please share all with us xox Clarice

Unknown said...

"A Time to Keep" is one of my most favorite children's books. I adored it when I was a little girl and now my girls are enjoying it. I also have a beautiful copy of "Little Women", illustrated by Tasha Tudor.


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