Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Favourite Home Made Cleaner

I have been meaning to post on this for some time now as I really really am very happy with the cleaning ability of this cleaner AND what is more it is quick to mix up AND it is made with items you already have in your cupboard.

I use this to clean showers, baths, toilets, stove tops, bench tops, marks of walls and more.
I no longer use gumption or any other bought cleaner.
In fact I even used it to clean ball point pen (also we have used it for permanent marker) off our white leather lounge and it did a spectacular job without damaging the leather at all.
To answer the question I know you are all asking, yes the pens are now back up high, that is until someone older forgets and leaves them down where small creative hands can get to them again.

So what is this miracle cleaner?
The  three ingredients are:
* Bicarb soda (baking soda for my US friends)
* Vinegar
* Dish washing liquid ( Your own choice. I like to use a peppermint scented one I buy form Aldi)
* Water
* essential oils (optional and as my dish washing liquid already has a scent I don't add any usually)
* bowl  and spoon for mixing
* container for storing and or dispensing from

Now this is the imprecise part. There may be an accurate guide somewhere but I have only ever made it like this.
However you will see how it gels together and adjust it to your own preference-
* empty a packet of bicarb soda into the container
* Next pour a splash or two of vinegar into the container (there will be a fizz as the chemical reaction takes place)
* Now squeeze a fair amount of dish washing liquid in with the other ingredients and start to mix it up
* Add some water and mix till you have a very slimy looking mixture.
* put it in your container and use for cleaning. ( this can easily be squeezed from an old sauce container or scooped from a container. I tend to use the container and dole it out to my 'cleaning team' as they tend to be a bit over enthusiastic with the squeezing part!)

The trick is in adding the right amount of dish washing liquid and water.
However do not skip the water part as it is this that makes it combine into the gel like substance.

The major 'mistake' I have made is in making it too runny. If this happens simply add more bicarb  to the mix and adjust from there.

We have been using this all year for our cleaning and I really have not used anything else.
Seriously give it a try and see how easy it is to make and use!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

I totally pinned this! Thank you Gae!

Unknown said...

great tips, thanks for sharing!


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