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The Doll's Fair :Tasha Tudor Day - 2013

THE DOLL'S FAIR: ( A note to you all. This is a super duper picture edition post. I do this to record for our own memories so click away if you don't want to over indulge in our family memories)

Just saying this phrase: The Doll's Fair, in our family brings back warm memories of the times we had planned and participated in  this event before.
Interestingly enough we had 'played this game' way before the now 'Tasha Tudor Day we celebrate with other interested people.
So today we had our first Doll's Fair in a long time and I thin it went very well indeed.
One thing I need to be aware of with our lifestyle of eating  is that we seriously CANNOT consume purchased food.
So I need to plan ahead and make everything from scratch, no more quick lets just buy something quickly to do a feast day or tea party anymore.
I knew this day would be full on as we had not done much preparation prior,
We had a houseful of very excited little people though as some of them were not even born last time we did this or too little to really remember.
Of course Moran and Myffwyn brought down their special dolls first hing after dressing them ready for an outing.
Amazingly enough Myffwyn's Josefina Doll that she had waited so long for arrived the day before.
After seeing the girls bring down their dolls Arwen had to race back up and get her Caroline Doll too.
So first things first we needed to have cash for the Fair and so in the spirit of the traditional Doll's Fair in A Time to Keep we found the button jar and divided up all the available 'cash'
I made quick little paper bag purses by cutting a brown paper lunch bag in half and then half the other way, sticky taping up the cut side
Arwen was the helper to put the buttons in each bag
She filled them while I drew on them so we new who had what  bag. This avoids disagreements later on.
When all were finished we piled them till later
However someone needed to show me how clever she was.
Next up: We always have a sign as entry to the fair and Myffy and I worked on it together.
All ready to be put up......

Then Myffwyn and Vellvin started working on  the individual stall signs.
In the past we have made booths for all the fair items to go into (I really need to find those old pictures to share) but in our quick version of the Doll's Fair we just had tables out side.
I did make a paper banner to go up (not long enough as it turned out though) and we put up streamers and balloons to create a party atmosphere so all we need now is some food and then some Doll's and their owners.
It really was a beautiful afternoon.Yes  it took that long to get all organised and to pick up Anna-Lisa and bring her over for her first Doll Fair.
This table still had more food coming to it after I took the photo
We definitely needed some flowers for those Dolls to buy

What is a fair with out a book stall and of course we had to have the Tasha Tudor books as the main attraction.
Don't all little Dolls and girls need some bits and bobs to brighten their day?
A glass (well plastic cup in this case) of 'vino?' No it's cranberry juice and home made sourdough bread pizza's
The sweet table:  Yes this was the huge sugar hit for everyone.
But how can you resist those little tea cups. We had them at our first Doll Fair and we  made them for Arwen's birthday earlier in the year and they are just so adorable.
Our outdoor seating arrangement for everyone to relax and enjoy the day on.
Get ready the fair has been opened.
Come on in and get your money bag to begin the fun!!
The first lot of dolls being escorted to the fair
These girls are waiting anxiously
And these girls are a bit impatient
Arwen tells them it will be very soon now
So what can a boy bring to the Doll Fair? Well Woody of course
On your marks, get set.......GO
Corbyn is the first of the mark
But Arwen is close behind......
Yes you had to pay entry!
Come on Moran you are holding up the line
Yes Rogan we will accept horses and teddies as a Doll substitute
Trahaearn just loved paying the entry. I think he used almost all his money before he even started on the food.
Some of the dolls were given a tree house advantage
Kinda cute I think
Yes there was great rejoicing over the food.

I really did not get a chance to spend my money as I was the roving stall holder.
A  few  no actually a lot of photos of the general eating and fun of the day

Vellvin giving her dolls  an edible tea cup each
Mildred with her tea cup
and Violet has hers
Lets just say the eating was BIG
Corbyn paying again
and playing with the hooters
See me eat!!!

Hi Anna-Lisa
Myffwyn bought me some flowers. How sweet!

Everyone enjoying themselves

Flowers and stuffed toys
The money was pretty much gone at the end of the afternoon
Arwen had to have a book. Good girl sweetie
These were the flowers Vellvin bought for me. I am so blessed  to have such thoughtful children.
And then there was a buying war. Where everyone started buying me things
Yes she loves her book
Using up the last of their money

I forgot to get a plate full of food until the end and then the children kept giving me food.
A saved plate of goodies for Daddy
Trahaearn started carrying Woody around

Some of the sweet posies made by the children the day before
This was so cute- Arwen started to pour drinks for Trahaearn
He waited patiently each time and paid his money too
Moran reading her book she purchased
I came across this little scene as I was packing up later on
Just too sweet
And of course Corbyn had to have an accident and hurt the leg he broke.
And so it came to pack up and I pretty much did this with Arwen and Moran.
I did love my banner
Well Mummy are we done now?
And we are done!!
By this time the other children were back inside not feeling too well from all the 'sugar full, wheat full' as it is now in our family. Like I said at the start I really need to be better prepared and avoid this pit fall.

I did have grand schemes of after the children were in bed sitting down with a lovely warm drink in one of my teacups and flick through some of my favourite Tasha Tudor books and watch her DVD's.
Sadly this did not happen  as I fell asleep putting little ones to sleep too.

When Arwen was asked "Do you want to do the Doll's Fair next year?"
She emphatically said "YES!"

If you made it to the end of this post :) I thank you for sharing in the memories we had today.

Blessings to you and your homes,


kristine barr said...

That sounds like a fun filled, memory making day! Congratulations!

arianne said...

I LOVE this idea. Makes me wish I was a doll at your house.

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, you are the best mama. How wonderful. I am impressed and what sweet memories you are creating. Good for you xox Clarice

Simply Shelley said...

How fun...looks like everyone was very happy at the fair...dolls too ,of course....thanks for sharing.
If you would like to see how I celebrated you may visit my bog at the following link....blessings

Unknown said...

I just came across this post randomly after finding one of your Michaelmas blog posts through pinterest. My daughter asked if we could have a baby doll birthday party for her 4th birthday next week and I had not yet come up with many ideas other than making her a baby doll... this is fantastic though! Love Tasha Tudor and we are going to some little stations in my yard for this. The kids are going to love having little tokens for money! Thanks for the great ideas!

Unknown said...

Oh Gae this is such a beautiful idea - we are big Tasha Tudor fans... We'll have to do this ourselves this year and I think it'll just make the most perfect birthday party for Chilli next year! :) Thank you :) x


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