Monday, September 16, 2013


It seems that our children have always been interested in Archery.
Perhaps it is too much Robin Hood and other characters like them who have influenced them.
Due to this we have always had bows and arrows in our home.
Whether they are home made or as the children got older we bought bows for  them.

In fact Braedon was the first to want a real bow and we got him a cool recurve one for his birthday.
This produced a real run on bows and  we bought some cheaper ones for the children one Christmas.
Since then both Kynan and Saxon have better quality recure bows.

The problem has always been the losing or damaging of arrows and not living where we could get them easily.

Rogan was the one to start of the Archery phase again and as we drive past an archery supply store every day we go to town, it was relatively easy to slip in and pick up a few arrows to start the ball rolling again.
I also went to the local co-op and bought a bale of straw to use for a target as this is more forgiving on the tips of the arrows.

We set up the straw on a working pony and the children drew a figure on a piece of paper to aim at.
It is reasonably cute I think and gives a focus for shooting.
Even though we have all the bows we seemed to lose some of the strings in the move and so we only had one bow to use so everyone took turns.
Rogan was first and was reasonably good considering how long it has been since we did this.

He then helped the little ones to have a turn and first up was little Trahaearn who really was keen but had not idea on how to hold the bow or aim even.
He was very keen and interested though
Arwen was next and actually was able to do it a little
Um yea, Trahaearn quickly lost interest after his turn but resorted to one of his favourite past times......picking flowers for Mummy
'Look Mummy and smell too.

It really was beautiful Spring weather and the blossoms are blooming so beautifully
More flowers that Myffy picked

Corbyn really was a natural and went so very well with hitting the target.

Myffwyn was a little disappointed with how she went but then spent a lot of time practicing afterwords.

I just loved looking at the beautiful scenery too.
Vellvin retained a lot of her sills from previous years
and enjoyed getting back into the swing of it
Moran was last for the day and she really did well too.
I think she will continue to do well with this.

I really enjoy the fact that we can do these things together and it is another outdoor activity we can share.

I can see an archery competition in our very near future!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Vellvin said...

An archery competition...good idea! :D
Must organise that!
Love Vellvin. <3


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