Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Baby is in a big boy bed!!

This is a hard post for me. Our baby going into his own big boy bed.
You would think it wasn't a big deal!
So what! Really! Isn't that a natural progression?

Oh yes it is a natural progression and in its way it is certainly a remarkable step for our precious little boy.
But the thing is this time as opposed to the other times, when the big baby goes into a bed we don't have a little baby to put in the cot! No not this time though and this is a hard thing to get used to. Not only for us but for the older children as they always have seen and cherished a little baby in that cot too.
I mean we have had this cot in constant use for over 24 years now. It has rarely been empty.
If it was it was only for a very short time as the new baby went from the cradle to the cot and the big baby went from the cradle to to the big boy/girl bed.
A constant musical bed theme.

Life moves on and is never constant and so we go with the flow even as our hearts are sad and heavy for the old times.
As this was going to be Trahaearn naturally like everyone else we had to get the obligatory last night in the cot picture. In reality he spent very little time in the cot as he mostly slept with us.
The cause for the transition actually was the fact that Braedon had moved out of the room with Saxon, obviously as he left when he and Anna-Lisa were married.
Rogan had been promised he could move into the older boys room when that happened and was extremely keen to have that happen. Well he did have to wait until Braedon moved all his things out, which actually took him a very long time.

As the little boys room did not have room for another bed space for Trahaearn the boys took the bunks apart and put them where the cot had been.

In reality I had not now that my self starter boys were redesigning the  little boys room as they were taking Rogan's things to the other room and making the cot redundant.
I walked into the room unknowingly and oh my heart stopped to see the cot no longer in it's place.
I admit that this was a very emotional experience and I frankly was not expecting it to happen so soon.
However we had a very excited little guy though who loved the idea of his own big bed and now we can lay down with him in his bed instead of him being a constant bed warmer in ours.
Needless to say he still comes for a visit regularly but now we can take him back and snuggle him in his own bed if we like too.

I even managed to find these old bedspreads from when the two oldest boys  shared a room together when Autumn was the new baby.
I still have not finished Corbyn's quilt and I do like to have matching beds.

And now we move on and are thankful for our precious little one who is a delight still every day, in fact as all our children are and we still pray that we would be blessed one last time with a precious soul to occupy that place of honour in our home.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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