Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Celebrations for Michaelmas 2013

On Monday we celebrated Michaelmas in our home.
I know the feast day was officially on Sunday but we have been known to celebrate later than the prescribed day for feasts before and frankly I forgot until Monday morning and so went immediately into 'feast day organisation overdrive'
I tried to keep it simple and I think we did cover what we wanted without it becoming too time consuming.
 So what did we do-
A little colouring from the pages we use every year.
 These were coloured as I read from
 The Treasure Box series with a sweet little boy on my lap
 Rogan started to cut out a shadow picture (that we actually did not get to use)
 We set up the display for the day with Trahaearn's St Michael painted Saint and his wooden crocodile we turned into a snake/dragon/devil.
I also pinned on the copywork for the day as well for the children to see
 I just love colouring/craft messes on the table.

We also made a harvest loaf following the instructions and the story from  All Year Round one of my absolute favourite seasonal celebration books
 The children were very keen to be a part of it and while I admit I got part of the sequencing wrong the end product turned out pretty good.
 Random photo our our Autumn who is home for mid semester break at Uni
 Watching, listening and waiting for their turn
 Finally we had a loaf of dough from which to make, their favourite part of the day, Dragon Bread
 The children teamed up and Vellvin tried to make a dragon while Trahaearn kept quashing it down to roll out like he does with play dough.
 Rogan did all the work for his and Saxon's who was at work at this stage
 Arwen and Corbyn, well what can I say they were enthusiastic to say the least
Moran and Myffwyn did a really good job for their Dragon and even thought to add some extra wings with gold cardboard.
 This poor dragon must have had his tail rearranged many times by one or the other of these two!
 Time to let rise before putting in the oven.
 Now on to making some angels for the rest of the day
 WE made two types - the packet Christmas variety that was coloured in
 And one type using a shape of a man and adding some
 golden wings from a paper plate
 and some tissue paper for clothes

 Now for our records we have put them in our Liturgical Notebooks after taking some photos too

 Yummy dragon bread from the oven ready for eating
For sweets we had blackberries and cream a simpler version of using blackberries rather than the strudel we have done in the past
 It was a little difficult to keep a berry loving toddler out of the blackberries though so their would be enough for all.
And last but not least our Angel shaped cake had a slight mishap and so was relegated to being part of the side dish to the blackberries and cream.

Oh well hopefully we can do better for the Feast of the Guardian Angels tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing our celebrations with us again

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Vellvin said...

I loved how we did all our own angels! :)
<3 Vellvin.


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