Monday, October 28, 2013

It is a gift to Treasure!

I never ever tire of gazing into the precious faces of our sleeping children.
Truly who can resist such total innocence and beauty?
As they drip off to sleep and start to actually slow down their breathing, relaxing their grip on the fast based world we live in and just melt into my arms or snuggle in and throw an arm over my neck if we are cuddled up in bed together.
I have always cuddled our babies to sleep and when I say babies I mean up to quite an age.
Little Trahaearn is now 2years and 5 months old and we still cuddle up with him.
Well lets be honest here Arwen will be 5 in January and it was her sweet face I cuddled up to tonight and got me thinking about  how blessed we are to be able to have this time with the children.

We were laying in bed together, we had said her prayers, had a little chat and rubbed noses together and were listening to Gentle Woman on my I-phone.
I watched her and was so utterly grateful for the sweetness that I am privileged to be a part of each day.
As I was thinking this and cuddling her she threw her arm around my neck drawing herself in closer and just moulded herself into me.
How can my heart not melt to such a gift of love. A gift that I am not always deserving of, but still it is given so often throughout the day.
Unconditional and complete love and so I learn from the smallest and most vulnerable in our family.
It is so easy to think we don't have time for this cuddle time and snuggling up when it is time to put these blessings to bed.
There are many things that compete for my attention- older children, dinner clean up other household duties or even my own selfish desires for reading that great book I am enjoying or catching up with on line distractions.
But these things will always be there (and older children can han have their time at a later time) but those little ones who want to snuggle up to go to sleep listening to me sing or us listening to music together after that time of prayer and chatting, why these will disappear so very quickly without me even noticing that the time has moved on, and then if I don't relish these days I know I will look back with regret that I did not take each and every opportunity to gaze into the faces of our most precious treasures each night.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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MamiaS said...

What a sweet post and I'm with you, there is nothing better than snuggling with our little ones. We still cuddle with each of our little ones, and our oldest will be 5 in January. I was just thinking about this last night because our newest addition is two and he loves nothing better to have me rock him in the rocking chair -- how I missed that. And I'm cherishing those moments with him.


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