Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Whats in my Drafts Folder???

After a post from a friend and then a chat on the phone about how many posts are in her drafts I told her how many I thought I had in my own folder, around 150.

Needless to say when I later went to check my own folder I found 453.
Yes that  certainly is a lot of thoughts floating around in there.
If I get an idea I usually try to put it down so I can concentrate on other things and so I don't forget what it was I wanted to share.

So I just thought I would have a look at what was in that folder  (well not all of them)  and perhaps see what themes were common among them.

Here is a list of the latest 15 -
*The Lambs and how they have grown- life of the lambs from when thy first came till now
*It's all in the Living- family life random shots over a period of time
*Mud Kitchen- another update of uses of this
*At Days End- the beauty I find in the tidy up outside each day and how we organise toys and how this brings peace to me
* A mixture of Feast Days- a catch up post about various feast days lately
*Our Home Apothecary- how I have organised our herbal remedies and what we have as well as new additions
*Sprouting Grains - how to sprout grains and use them
*My Herb Garden- from planting till now
*Greek Yogurt- how to make Greek Yogurt
* Peachy Rum Pudding Cake- recipe for this delectable cake
*Spring Play Ring- a toy I made as we started spring
*Chai Tea with out the tea- my recipe for this
*It's been a Year Now - a reflection on our move and the year we have settled in here
*Trim Healthy Mama- not sure what I wanted to say here yet
*Let Me give You a tour- a tour around this home and outdoor living too
*Making a Peg Doll St Lucy and Star boy- how to make these
My first 15 unpublished drafts way back in March 2009 Jan 2010
* Nature on our Doorstep- from our back yard
* Inspirational Images
* Mothering
* Prayers
* Pirate Study- a unit study we did
* The Talking Stick- a decorative stick a child made based off a movie we saw
* Month of the Sacred Heart- plans and ideas
* Educational Methods- the different types we use and how we use them
* Book Review- fav books
* Beautiful Girls- about my girls
* Refrigerator Cake- recipe
* Enjoying the Journey through December- a monthly series I started doing
* Cakes- recipes
* Planning a Wardrobe- plans for designing and making clothes
* Lord of the Rings
And somewhere in the Middle January 2012 to around October 2012
* Eliminating Clothes - sorting and the blessing of being given clothes
* Initial Costing of Grain and Sugar Free Eating- receipts comparing
* Autumn's Gangster Theme- plans and ideas for things we made for her 18th birthday party
* The Extras- other items we started to make grain free
* Main Meals we have Eaten- recipes and rating of Grain Free food we had started to eat
* Peace in my Heart- how to have this attitude every day
* Autumn Leaf  Person Tutorial - how to make an autumn leaf person for the seasons table
* Making Silk Marionettes - how to make silk marionettes Autumn and I did this together
* Home made Lemonade and Ginger Beer - recipes for both
* Teenagers and Privacy-
* What is it about Waldorf- my opinion on why we like to add this to our home and the paranoia that I sometimes see about it in Christian circles
* The Stigma of Late Readers- about peoples perceptions of the child and HS teaching of late readers
* Sensory Processing Disorder- what this is and how it is a non visual disability and hence again not seen as a disability leading to judgement
* Birthday Fairy- how to make a birthday fairy tutorial
* Good Bye to Tasmania?Hello New World- about our move to Wagga but still the grief of leaving
* Does Your Blog Reflect You- about how I try to make my blog be a mirror of how I really am and how I live my life,.
* My Waring Passions- books, craft, blogging, family life and how I don't always balance these
* The Story of a Home- about our house in Tassie, how we built it and how it was so hard to leave behind. It contained so much of us
* Our Learning Style and Books that have influenced our HS Journey- well a bit about both
* Cultured Foods- our journey into Lacto fermentation
* Where are the Skills of our Young People?- a look at basic manners and how often young adults and 'teens' ( I hate that word) seem to lack them
* How Images and what they mean to me- how I am drawn to certain images and why

Well that is some of the drafts in my folder.
I'm not sure about any real reoccurring themes but I do think that I cover a variety of topics on and off.
I have noticed that some of the ones I have were ones that were published but I had a double copy saved for some reason.
Anyway perhaps I may get to some of these posts or others like them soon and then again maybe not- I might just add to the folder instead with other thoughts that are  begging to be released. :)

I would love to know what you have in your Drafts Folder if you care to share!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Erin said...

I've been thinking more about draft folders since our conversation and since I had such a response to my question. Considering issuing a linky post challenge to a) share what's in your drafts folder (which you've just done) with b)a commitment to reduce drafts by half by the end of Nov or Dec (wouldn't expect yours to reduce by half) this reduction would either be deleting or publishing. Then another linky post at the end of the month chosen to link back to what you've published from drafts and discuss what you deleted.


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