Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Myffwyn ♥

Dearest Myffwyn, (known mostly to us as Myffy,)
Again a catch up Birthday post for you too sweet girl, but I am making progress your birthday is in June and now I am only  3 birthdays behind :)

Myffy such a small word to describe you our very girly daughter.
I am so very pleased to see the spiritual growth in you this year as you try to take control of some of those aspects you have needed to work on.
You can been seen to be helping your little brothers and sisters in tasks and are very compassionate if someone is hurting or needs some loving.

You are a very patient girl who waited for some weeks after for her special birthday present, which we actually did not get in time for your birthday so we bought a few little extras for you instead,
You have wanted a Josefina doll for some years and it takes a while to order them from America, not to mention the extra cost of shipping to Australia.

So you were prepared to wait for your doll and her accessories and dresses.
You were able to convince some older siblings who work to buy you a dress too, so she could have quite a good wardrobe.
Now your Violet doll has company and it is lovely to see the way you three younger girls play with your dolls together.

So the big day finally arrived and you were very excited to be finally opening your presents even though they were not your doll.
Eden and I had planned on making you a matching skirt and blouse for Josefina but did not get them done in time.
Yes again I am behind, not sure why we can't get it all done as we try to fill these days with as much love and time together as we can.

Anyway you were so thrilled to be opening the presents and still content to wait.

We did manage to have a red themed dinner meal with those novelty plates etc  and of course you had burritos for dinner to fit the Mexican theme of Josefina.
Your cake was a Josefina theme cake of her pouch (inspiration from The Art of being Mama) and you did have your favourite strawberries and cream for breakfast.

You had a very happy birthday and were  even more excited when your doll arrived
Happy Happy Birthday our sweet Myffwyn

All our love always,

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