Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Birthday sweet Trahaearn ♥

I know this is so late my precious darling (since May as well) but you see our lives have been so busy and your birthday is in one of the busiest months ever.
So even I thought I had time to do your birthday with all the precious gifts and crown and things, as well as  all the other things in our lives, sadly I didn't and so need to catch up now.
Because I know like all the other children you will want to see the scrapbook of your birthdays through the years.

Knowing our lives are not going to get any easier I have come to a decision where you are the 'age of a new era' where Mummy does a 'Happy Birthday  Post' along with a picture memory of  your special day! 

Of course it being so far along now it is difficult to remember all that we did for you :(
I do remember that we were very much excited to share this day with you as you are just at that age where you recognise from the other children's birthdays how the day is all about you.

It is always so much fun shopping for you as you have such excitement and enthusiasm for  your passions.
Cars being one of the major ones, well anything that moves on wheels really.

I loved getting you your first Sylvanian family so you can play with your own family when all the children get theirs out.

You loved your St Michael Saint and the crown I made you and it was such  delight to watch you open your birthday presents.

Your racing car track  cake was so easy and cute to make and like Moran's birthday we got some really cool bought theme extras- 'Lightning McQueen' plates, cups and party extras

Watching you say grace so specially for your birthday was one of the highlights as well as just your overall enthusiasm for your special day.

Again I am so thankful for you our precious little guy. You keep us so happy with your little antics and your total commitment to everything you do.

All our love always,


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