Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Autumn ♥

Here I am in the July Birthday posts, Hurrah!!
Happy Birthday to our beautiful Autumn who had her birthday just a couple of days before Braedon and Anna-Lisa's Wedding.
So with the wedding preparations and decorating the wedding cake this was certainly a difficult  birthday to record.
In fact Autumn was going to have it after the wedding but decided almost last minute to have it on her actual birthday.
It has been a wonderful and difficult year for this precious child of ours. For even though she has reached that grand old age of 20 and is 'legitimately' an adult in our hearts as always she is still our child, a child who grows makes her own decisions but still 'our child.'
The child God blessed us with all those years ago, the child we were given after our only other baby loss except our recent one.
Our first daughter and probably our least girly girl.
She has really excelled in her studies away this year and overcome other difficulties and we are very proud of out beautiful daughter.
Her vision for her own future is sure and she can know that it is the hardships we over come to make our dreams happen that makes us all the more appreciate those dreams that become reality.
Of course living away from us means she has her own experiences to share that are totally unique and interesting that we love to hear about.
Living in Sydney she has decided she loves the 'city' experience with all it's busyness and noise and close living with others that I can't abide.

The other thing is we just don't get enough photos of her in her day to day life, so all these ones are ones she has taken while away.
I had to add this one even though it is fuzzy.
Arwen and Autumn, our double A battery girls.
Obviously a 'selfie' while Autumn was home.

The younger children miss her so much and want to talk to her on the phone all the time, except Trahaearn, who is always busy then but later wants to talk to her.

Having older children left home I am thankful for the communication networks we can use to keep in touch with their busy lives.
Now on to the birthday.
It is probably the one I don't remember so much about due to the absolute busyness of that time.
I do remember she spent all her semester break with us and that twas good as we hadn't seen her in some time.

I do remember we had KFC chicken and chips and gravy, and chocolate milkshakes.
Chocolate cake with a whole heap of strawberries on top. Strawberries are Autumn and my favourite and before she was born I got a whole
 punnet to myself cause Stephen and the older boys don't really like them.

I did make her painted Saint later and it was St Raphael.

Even though I can't remember many of the details of your birthday sweet daughter, know that we certainly love you and were so happy to have you home and that we are very proud of your overcoming challenges and working so hard at your studies.

We miss you daily and can't wait to see you again in two weeks time as you come home for end of year.
Be prepared for a HUGE Advent as we have been busy planning and look forward to having you here for this liturgical celebration.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter
All our love always,

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