Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Autumn Outdoor Play Space .......a story

We are finally getting some beautiful Autumn weather where it is so lovely to spend a lot of time outside during the day.
I can see we will taking our books out a lot more over the next few weeks before it gets too cold and we huddle up beside the fire instead.
Over the hot Summer the children were not playing outside as much and such were not using the valuable outdoors to encourage their imaginations as much and the out door equipment was being ignored and children were not as creative in their play.
Only over the last few days have I noticed the children starting to be more outgoing and be more creative in their outdoor play again.
Today I made the children a little stepping log area for them to use in the play space we have around the swing set that Stephen made last year.

It was realtively easy to set up and the children have loved using it again and again.
In fact I had to walk around for simply ages holding Trahaearn's hand so he could do it too
What I did notice was that when I made the space for this activity that the children were more keen to come and play more in that area.

So I started to tidy up a bit around the area and placing things together again that would normally be there.
Things like our homemade sea saw - a plank on a rolled over stump.
The slide - again a plank we made years ago on top of another stump
The Tyre swing that is always here became part of the game again
In fact I started thinking that it just isn't about sending the children outside to play, even when we provide them with lot so of imaginative play props.
I need to keep the area attractive and tidy so they feel the joy of coming and participating in the play opportunities that can be experienced there.
I also think my being outside with them helping and being there is always an incentive for them to spend more time they they would normally.
I honestly enjoy the outdoors so much but often get caught up by the indoor activities that await my pleasure
It is a pleasure not only for the children but for me also to look outside, to be outside and to see the value in playing with the natural environment we have here.
That does not mean it can not be manufactured to provide more interest for the children at all.

I have plans to paint those little stumps to look like red mushrooms any day now!!
Won't they like so cute then and imagine the possibilities that can be thought up then!
I enjoyed just sitting on the swing and watching them at their play, responding when they called out to me to 'watch' while they accomplished one activity after another.
Of course after that I was inspired to just fix up the table and chairs that we spent so much time around during the Spring and as it so happened we had lunch out side as well
This I think is a natural response to creating a lovely environment for everyone to enjoy, either playing or just spending time reading and relaxing
Our swing set has had the opportunity to become a cubby house and other games played up on the platform
I tell you Myffwyn has spent so much time going around and around this play space and is quite excited about the possibility of a 'fairy ring'

The sand pit which has mostly been used as a volcano has suddenly become a construction site again with the trucks and excavator being hard at work.
Here is a view across from the house.............
Some of our other areas for play.
The hammock often has one or two or even more people in it and not just for a little nap.
The fairy bower in the background and play garden are all in this little area too
And from another view.
You can see that all these little things do not actually take up a lot of space in a back garden
See the children on the fence at the back they are watching a meat ant nest.
I am sure we will be spending more time out here in the coming days and I will be creating some little handmade Easter gifts here as well.
I think outdoor lighting helps to create a more intimate area to enjoy
Needless to say if you leave a trailer of wood around the younger children will climb it and make a game out of it.
And climbing the fence is always better than going through the gate!!

So there you have our little activity of creating a play space this time of year that will enable us to enjoy this beautiful Autumn weather.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

This looks like a delightful place to play!
Oh Gae, visiting you is like coming home. It's been so long since I've visited your blog. I can always find encouragement here and leave truly happy. I remember when you were pregnant with Trahaearn, and now he is 2! Time does fly....I've changed my blog, quit for a while, and am here again, for who knows how long. Many of our old blog friends have flown, but it's so nice to see you still carrying on. God bless you and your sweet family,
Anne♥ (from Giving As The Angels Give, Blessed Hope and all the rest!)

Gae said...

Dear Anne,
How lovely to visit with you again. I loved reading the post about your daughters wedding.
Our son was married last year and is now expecting a baby in October.
Life certainly moves on doesn't it?
Hoping to see you visiitng again.
God Bless


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