Monday, April 7, 2014

Hiding the Alleluia (Oh yes it was weeks ago)

Yes I know it is almost time to bring back the .......forbidden word but I just wanted to share this tradition that we compete every year.
The lovely thing for me is to look back over the same traditions and see the children and who has been involved, how things have changed and sadly, often, how quickly the children have grown. Hence the clinging on to posting events in the past :)

This post back in 2010 shows the little guy who is actually Corbyn looking just like Trahaearn (before his severe haircut). In fact his Daddy thought it was Trahaearn with  Corbyn NOT Rogan with Corbyn, and of course my heart just melted with the cuteness. But also the tightness in my heart at  time marching on was very evident too.
IN fact hiding the Alleluia this year went so fast I nearly missed it. Hence the blurry pictures as they were just so eager to move on with it.
They had all the letters packed in the box almost with out me actually seeing (and every one getting their fair share either)

Letters are in just waiting for the lid to go on............
And with that we have moved on!!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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