Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Happy Day in my Kitchen !!

So today (well last week now) was a total 'me in the kitchen day' ........yeah I love those days.
These are days when I feel that I am really fulfilling a part of my vocation, the part where I  am providing nourishing and wholesome food and health care for my family.

So I am just sharing one of these days with you now just for the fun of it.!!!!
First off I Strained the Yogurt I had made the night before in the Crock Pot  to make Greek Yogurt
After it is strained I have Liquid Whey to make Lemonade and 2kg of Full Fat Greek yogurt
 I Soaked Buttermilk Pancakes  ready for dinner that night. A very healthy treat for the weekend :) - no photo
That evening I Cooked Buttermilk Pancakes.
Skimmed cream off milk that had been left for 24 hours so the cream rose to the top
 Made Lemon/Lime Water Kefir  (Stage 2) from Stage 1 (which is below) that had been started the day before

Re-made the Water Keifr for Stage 1 to keep the cycle going
Mixed up Artisan Bread and made  E milk Kefir from the skimmed milk (see above)
Made up the loaves of Sourdough Fruit Bread from the day before soaking and rising
Then I re mixed the sour dough starter

Soaked the almonds (activated) and then  slow drying of almonds
Made a sourdough Spice Cake from the remains of the sourdough starter
Soaked then strained  wheat
Made an elderberry Tincture ready for the cold and flu season
Made up Chai Tea mix (started this but didn't finish)
Made this Sultana and Apple Shortcake - this is a huge favourite
Made up and used my own hair nourishing oil
Made some more of my Gentle Deodorant

Vellvin was also in the kitchen for a while and made -
THM brownies (FP)
Chocolate Pudding THM (FP) with
Frozen Strawberries in the food processor
Overnight Jar Oats THM (E) - no picture
Chocolate Sauce THM (FP) - no picture
Berry Breakfast Cake THM  (E) - no picture
All of these are tried and true recipes we use often.
And so the day comes to and.........we are left with the kitchen looking like this after a lot of washing up during the day but still lots of clean up to do.

Blessings to you and your homes,
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vintage_bel said...

Your blog is so inspirational - thank you.
I too would like to make an elderberry tincture but am unsure of the best place to get elderberries - can you please recommend somewhere.
Blessings to your family, Belinda

JES said...

What beautiful pictures of industry! You have a nice assortment of ferments going! :) Thanks for sharing!

JES said...

What beautiful pictures of industry! You have a nice assortment of ferments going! :) Thanks for sharing!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You had a very busy but productive day in the kitchen - wow! Hope you had help with the cleanup - I find that is always the worst part after a full day in the kitchen, lol!


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