Thursday, June 4, 2015

Preparing for Winter in our Home

Preparing for Winter usually means getting firewood, checking clothes and other real life preparations.
In our home all these things occur but we also prepare our home learning environment as well.

I am a great believer in creating a beautiful atmosphere and using that as a learning tool to enrich not only our children but for myself and other people who come into our home.
So on the second of June, the day after our Myffwyn's birthday I started getting out our Winter themed decorations.

I love this little print of a boy with lantern light and put a couple of cardboard blue stars with gold glitter on them beside it on the little card holder Stephen made me some time ago.
As Winter has truly arrived and we are using the fire I have moved our display off the top of the fire and over onto the buffet and hutch. Each day Arwen changes the day of the week and our little 'elements: fire, water, air and earth, sit nicely here as well.
Behind them  is our liturgical Father Pine with a Green Chasuble for the 'growing season' of our Liturgical season.
Here is another part of our display, on the following  day with the new perpetual calendar we made. Seriously I just love looking at it.
Putting out the Winter Gerda Muller book that gets the pages turned regularly for inspiration especially at art time is always refreshing for me
Naturally the Tasha Tudor book, A time to Keep, changes too. Of course we have to ignore the actual month of the year as depicted in these seasonal books as all these lovely books are set in the  Northern Hemisphere.
Next to be changed is the Seasons table and we placed out our Winter collection which is looking quite sad at the moment.

I realise now I haven't set out King Winter or Jack Frost and his family and will have to get them out tomorrow.
The next thing is of course the Winter book basket with all the Winter books placed in ready to read.
It's hard to see what is in the basket it so I took photos of the books to share :)
These are probably what I call our real Winter books.
I separated these ones because I am going to be doing a wool dying, spinning, weaving and knitting project with the children using the wool form our own sheep that we had from last season.
More lovely books to read....
and our last selection to share with you.

I know I haven't got them all listed but here is a link to my Winter book list, and as I link to it I see I missed some from our book shelves, which I will need to find and put in our basket.
This is our display that sits right near our dining table and so is very visual for us throughout most of the day.

How do you like to prepare your home for Winter enjoyment?

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Harmony said...

Looks lovely Gae! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your seasonal learning and decor. I always feel inspired after I pop in for a visit :)


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