Sunday, October 11, 2015

Our Lady of the Rosary Feast Day 2015

We have had many experiences in our lives lately that have lead to not much blogging for me here.
I have documented our lives on my camera but just haven't had time to share here.
Frankly there has not been much time to do much beyond our busy lives and much of my free time has been taken by my precious family.

However we still are celebrating our liturgical feast days as best we can and so today am sharing what we did as part of our family routine for the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.
We started off the day with  not really reading from these books but by asking questions based on them as we coloured pictures.
 The routines for Feast Days are both familiar and mostly the same in presentation, which in itself is a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn continuance  of our yearly cycle.
 This year as we made our Edible Rosary we decided that we would eat it as we prayed the Rosary.
As we sat around the table I would pass our the various food that represented the different prayers.
The kids loved this and it certainly made them more attentive to what we were doing :)
These are some of our beautiful Rosaries- some of which are made by my good friend Gloria. She sells them here at Holy Family Rosaries  the other two are ones we hold especially dear as they are from Sarah at The Clay Rosary Girl who died in July 2014.

I find having activities and visual props very handy when praying the Rosary for little ones.
Here are some really good ideas from other people.

Colouring download booklet these can be made into a usable book for everyday use.
 Joyful Mysteries
Glorious Mysteries
Sorrowful Mysteries
Luminous Mysteries 

Other Rosary Pages

A lovely idea for keeping little ones focused during the Rosary
A Rosary Box idea with  these beautiful coloured cards to use too.
I really want to make one of these for our two younger children.
Our Lady of the Rosary Pray for Us!!
Blessings to you and your homes,

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