Thursday, March 2, 2017

Shrovetide- It's almost Lent

Today we are celebrating 'Carnival' in our home. Sadly this is not a very understood tradition in most homes. We have tried to add this to our yearly liturgical celebrations but usually only start now instead of after Epiphany.
Next year I hope to add many 'celebration type activities' to our home during this time to emphasise the penetential aspect of the Lenten season.

This is the frist part of our 'Shrovetide' traditions.

It's a fairly tame celebration really.
We colour in masks and pictures, make home made masks.
Later this arvo we will make Mardi Gras cup cakes
Tomorrow we will Celebrate 'Fat Tuesday" and then we will have Ash Wednesday which is the first day of lent.

These are quite busy organising days for our home. We really try to prepare our hearts by using these outward signs to direct our thoughts to our Lord and the penetential season of Lent.

"The Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday are known as "Shrovetide," from an old English word "shrive," meaning "to confess," a name gotten from the tradition of going to Confession in the days before Lent started. Shrovetide is traditionally the time for "spring cleaning," and just as we clean our houses in these days in prepation for Lent, we also "clean our souls" through confession so we can enter the penitential season fresh,
Shrovetide is the last two days of "Carnival," an unofficial period that began after the Epiphany and which takes its name from the Latin carnelevare, referring to the "taking away of flesh" (meat) during Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday, the day following Shrove Tuesday. Catholics want to eat while they can and get the frivolity out of their systems in preparation for the somber Lenten spirit to come.
source - Fisheaters

Blessings to you and your homes,

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