Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Day Baskets - late edition

Earlier in the month when I was doing my planning. I had planned on a trip to Launceston to Spotlight, which is the only real craft store around
However it takes an hour to drive there and I only do this when I can coordinate something else with it.
We have been making regular trips there with Arwen for the chiropractor so I thought I could pick up some supplies for May Baskets on my last trip before May.
However due to unforeseen circumstances I never made it to the craft store and so had no supplies for the baskets.
I suggested that we not do May Baskets this year. Needless to say no one thought that an option.
So I had to come up with something.
Putting on my thinking cap I came up with "If we could" May Baskets.
These are simply: If we could put anything we wanted into the baskets, what would it be and to then create it out of paper.
So we made paper baskets from an envelope and drew everything else.
The plan was to then draw them out of a basket at dinner that night but it didn't happen(we didn't have a very good day that day.)☺
The things to go in the baskets were--
♥ A holy card of Our Lady
♥ A May day Poem
♥ A prayer
♥ Flowers
these 3 are requirements in ALL May Baskets every year
Other additives were
♥ A Gingerbread man
♥ Sprinkle topped chocolate cookie
♥ Lolly pop
♥ A block of Cadbury Chocolate
♥ A Jewel of some type eg Diamond, Ruby etc--obviously made from paper ☺
♥ Heart Shaped Lebekin Biscuit (we make these for Christmas)
♥ A book about Mary or other Saint.

Well that was it, not very exciting compared to other May days But we did celebrate and we did make memories and so we
What more can you ask for.


Conservamom said...

Very nice and Creative!

fairytalesandflowers said...

What a fabulous idea, I am learning so much from you it's unreal. My daughter was Baptised on the 3rd of May and you have given me inspiration for a gift for her. This is something I am definitely going to do for her each year. A great way to celebrate and to bring her closer to Our Lady. Thanks Wendy


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