Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Morning At The Beach

Here finally are images of our morning at the Beach and Rock Pools.
Where we live in Tasmania we do not have the big sandy beaches Stephen and I grew up with on the Mid North Coast of NSW. We do not have the big swells and waves either.
But these beaches are excellent for Rock Pools and Beach combing. As they are mainly rocky beaches where we are we have collected lots of shells and seen lots of sea life in these pools.
Arwen and I
Autumn caught this little Flat head in one of the rock pools
A crab we brought home
Saxon floating his boat in a pool.
Moran collecting.
Autumn looking for crabs
Moran running up with her collections
Myffwyn building a sandcastle
Corbyn showing his rock.
Arwen's first trip to the beach
Roaming over the rocks
Check this out.
Corbyn fishing in the rock pools
More roaming looking for treasures
Just resting
Something new--Sandy feet
Rogan collecting crabs
Autumn and Myffwyn together
Sandcastle building.
What's this stuff?
Rogan with his crab tongs
Wet sand, a lovely experience.

Saxon's boat he has made
In side a rockpool
Busy Eden
Digging a well in the sand and the incoming tide
Moran's collection
Rogan using his crab tongs
The Southern Ocean
Ocean treasures
A very large star fish.
Loving the rock pools
Vellein trying the crab tongs
Everyone together, except the big boys who stayed home.


Vellvin said...

We really had fun Mummy.

dtbrents said...

I wish I lived by the beach. This looks like so much fun. Doylene


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