Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Beetle and other Nature

The children love it when they can catch Christmas Beetles as that means Christmas is coming closer. This one was the first one that Moran has caught and she was very proud.
Catching bee's is a very popular pastime for our little ones. They love to catch them in a jar put some flowers in and then let them go before the day is out.
Here is our Kookaburra again. It comes right near where the children playing on the trampoline.
Saxon taking photos lying on the trampoline.
We saw these one day walking on the hill. They look like a guinea fowl but I am not sure what they are.
Braedon brought this nest home for the children from work. As he was weeding the nest was in the weeds and so it had to come out, so he brought it home for the children to try to save. We are still working on it.


1 comment:

Elisa said...

Fun pics!!! Love that tree in your back yard and the bird...that is the first time I've seen one like it.


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