Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paschal Mystery Eggs

About two years ago I finally put together our family version of the Resurrection Eggs that are so popular.

Years ago in fact back in 2006 when I was regular 4real forum lurker I found this idea. I printed out the idea as I am a paper girl and I like to have a hard copy to work from.
I then had to find tonight the original link.

Of course I should have known that Jen Miller was the one in the know. She is a very talented and knowledgeable lady in Liturgical matters.

The idea was to have 20 different eggs that you could pick and choice from to then make 12 eggs. We actually decided to make ours the 20 though which allow for a longer countdown and reflective phase.
Or if we choice to just use 12 eggs for the year if we are stressed or need to do less that year.
First, I painted two regular egg cartons purple. We then labeled some plastic eggs 1-20 and wrote printed out the scripture verse to go into each egg.
We then filled up the eggs with the little tokens which we either made or found lying around the house.
I remember some were harder to find than others and required some slight adaptations on our part.

I also love the explanation of why we call them Pascal Mystery Eggs ~
"Instead of calling them "Resurrection Eggs" I think they should be called Paschal Mystery Eggs, because they are teaching about the passion, death and resurrection of Christ...and also the Eucharist."
These are the contents ~

1) Small cracker pieces - Mark 14:22

2) Three dimes - Matt. 26:14-15 or Matt 27:3-4 or Luke 22:3-6

3) Small Chalice (made from foil) - Matt 26:26-29 or Luke 22:17-19 or Mark 14:17-21

4) Rooster (drawing, picture or a feather) - Matt. 26:33-34 or Mark 14:26-31 or Luke 22:34-34 or John 13:36-38

5) Twine with knots in it or a small piece of rope - Matt. 27:1-2 or Mark 15:1 or Luke 23:1 or John 18:28

6) Soap piece - Matt. 27:24-26

7) Small piece of leather (scourging) – Matthew 27:26 or Mark 15:15

8) Red fabric or purple fabric -Matt. 27:28-30 or Mark 15:17

9) Thorn - Mark 15:17 or Matt. 27:29

10) Cross made from toothpicks - Matt. 27:31-32 or John 19:17-18

11) Nail - Matt. 27:31 or John 20:25

12) Dice - Matt. 27:35-36 or John 19:23-24

13) Sponge - John 19:29-30 or Matt 27:48

14) Crushed rock or dirt - Matt. 27:50, 51 & 54

15) Sword or spear (plastic hors d’oeuvres sword, Lego sword or spear) - John 19:34

16) White fabric - Matt. 27:58-60

17) Stone - Matt. 27:65-66 or Mark 15:46

18) Bayleaf or cinnamon sticks or cardomon or cloves (spice mixture) - Matt. 28: 2 & 5 or Luke 23:55; 24: 1-3 or Mark 16:1-4):

19) Empty egg - Matt. 28:6 or Mark 16:5-6 or Luke 24:3-6 or John 3:16

20) Cotton ball (A cloud) – Mark 16:19




Cindy said...

excellent ideas!

Kim said...

I love it! :D

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

I absolutely love this! And I love how you painted the cartons purple. We just might have to paint ours purple this year! We don't call our "resurrection eggs" either- we call them "holy week eggs" :-)

Lena said...

I love your special touches on this project. Thanks for sharing.
Pax Christi - Lena

Anonymous said...

I love how you painted the egg cartons. I am going to have to go buy some purple paint now:)


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