Friday, March 5, 2010

Handwriting Aids

As part of our Alphabet Path this Learning Season I have long coveted the Handwriting Without Tears manipulative's.
However being the make it your self person I am (partly because it costs a lot in postage) I was able to talk my darling son Braedon into making us a set to use.

Due to the fact we didn't have thin wood to work with he used what we had and so the pieces are thicker that the original HWT's ones.
However the little children have been using them quite successfully and I can see as I helped them get started the value in working with the manipulatives this way.
So don't be afraid to make something your self that you see can be useful to your home or learning environment ♥ ♥


1 comment:

Judy Dudich said...

That's FANTASTIC! You are SO creative and your son is SO talented!!!!


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