Monday, March 8, 2010

Makiing Sunday Special!

For many years we have tried to make Sunday Special. We have tried to make it a day different to all others.
Our reaons for doing this are to show our love of our Lord and to keep this day Holy.

We have had great success with it and at other times we have not done as well.
However even when we have not 'completed' our special Sunday activities we have developed a spirit of 'Specialness' about this day.

Most of the ways we have tried to make Sunday different are quite simple.
Going to Church is a given, no questions asked.
Some of the other activities we do are:

We have 'Sundays on Sunday' - until last St Nicholas day we always had our Sundays in regular bowls. I managed to see these lovely coloured Sunday glasses for $2 and decided they were worth it for us.
'Sundays on Sunday' are special for us due to the fact we rarely have sweets after dinner, unless we are going through a cooking, cooking phase and trying new things.
To make our Sundays we simply put ice cream in ( it is usually plan, but if a flavoured variety is on special we get that), put topping of choice on and cream we have whipped up and a Cherry. Some like to add sprinkles, shredded coconut or nuts if we have them.
Some of the other ways we have tried to make Sunday special is:
~to have a red tablecloth ( we also use this one for Birthdays)
~ in the past we have had a special "Sunday Box" which had games and activities books, crafts and odds and ends.
~ cooked Sunday lunch, generally a baked dinner.
~ play board games together.
~ play 'parlour games' together. One of our favourites is Hide the thimble.
~ go for a rambling walk.
~ family outings.
~ try not to do unnecessary tasks, this was difficult when we were building our house.
~ watch DVD's together.
~ play outside together ball games etc.
~ walk around the property picking flowers
~ read more chapters of our current read aloud.
~ computer games ( this is a rare treat for our younger children as I monitor this very closely)

These are some of the thing that come to mind that I thought I would share with you.

How about you! How do you make Sunday special?



Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Church is a must each week, as I love to hear God's Word preached well. :D

If we can't make it to church, we usually watch a sermon on the Christian satellite box. We usually avoid any unnecessary work.

I post my Praise post when we get home, as well as my sermon notes. This is my way of reaching out to those who can't get to church, or who are struggling with understanding God's Word. :)

Have a wonderful week,
Jillian ♥

Unknown said...

We also love our Sundaes on Sunday and have done this for a few years now. It is such a special treat since we don't usually have dessert either.
I think I might try to include some other ideas as well.


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