Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easy Easter Baskets

For the past 10 years we have had Easter baskets on our morning breakfast table for Easter morning.
Over time I have made the additional ones for Rogan down. We re-use these each year and they are carefully packed up into a box ready for next year.
Each year we make caterpillars put them in a brown paper cocoon and place in the box on Holy Saturday evening before going to bed.
AS I had to make 3 new ones this year I thought I would share how we did them.
The reason I had to make them is I managed to lose the one I made for Arwen last year and Stephen and I have never actually had one.

The ones above are Mine, Stephen and Arwen's.
They really are very simple and cost effective.
A paper plate and ribbon is all you need. In the past I have been able to get lovely coloured plates but as this was a last minute effort plain was all I had.
However this meant that Vellvin and Rogan were able to decorate them for us.

All you do is measure (which I didn't do as I was in a hurry, I just 'eyed' it in you can see) the four corner bits to cut out and them put holes in the corners of each square, on my original ones I had three holes in a row.
Simply bent the four squares up into a box shape and lace the ribbon like a shoe lace from bottom to top.
Vellvin and Rogan, as I didn't explain the process to them just tied bows threw each double hole. They look equally good this way anyway.

Take a piece of card board, or even coloured paper. I used regular coloured paper this year and staple on a handle to the length you require.
Fill with the items you wish to put in them.
Each year we tend to have similar things in them.
A plastic egg filled with a "Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia ", a chick and small eggs.
Also a bookmark laminated that usually ha a Resurrection picture theme.
And of course the transformed caterpillar- now a beautiful butterfly.
This is an example of this years gifts.
This year I made butterfly's out of felt.
I free handed cut out the butterfly's and then just needle felted some spots on to them.
A it was way past midnight I only did four per butterfly. I had visions of a beautifully designed butterfly, but life doesn't run to plan.
After this I simply wrapped some pipe cleaners around for antenna.
Every ones butterflies ready for the baskets.
I have made them out of wax paper and regular paper coloured in before as well as tissue paper.



Anonymous said...

I like your Easter baskets. I wish my kids could be gentle enough for them.

Gardenia said...

the easter baskets are ingenious. the butterflies are beautiful. the pipe cleaners wrapped around give them the little pleats in the wings. and how wonderful that mom and dad get baskets too. I'll have to make a note to include ones for hubby and myself next year.

Melissa @ Homegrown Catholics said...

I like your catepillar and felt butterflies idea. Thanks for sharing. Also, what an easy pattern for a basket - thanks!

Jamie Jo said...

I came via Catholic Icing

I love these baskets! These would be so fun to also use for May Day!!

Thanks for the idea!

Cinnamon said...

What fun ideas. I really like the butterfly idea. I think I'll have to incorporate that into something at our home :-)


Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

What sweet little Easter baskets! I love the whole caterpillar to butterfly thing. I never did get around to posting about that this year, nor did we do it ourselves. There's just way too much cool religious stuff to do to cover it all! I'm so glad you shared this with everyone :-)


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