Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

I haven't attempted one of these in a while
Here goes~

1. We have spent some days re arranging furniture and rooms to make more use of them.
We had the TV (which we only use for DVD's) in the main family room and had our more formal lounge room. The lounge room was not used as much and so by putting the TV in there it ensures it gets some use.

2. Stephen has been offered two jobs since coming home a fortnight ago. He has accepted one of them which is very close to home. No long hours of driving.
WE are very thankful to God for continuing to bless our family.

3. In line with moving furniture we have purchased some new lounges for our family room. The old ones were very, very uncomfortable and shabby.
I will certainly enjoy sitting on the three seater to read to the little ones without trying to fit them all squashed up and squabbling about "I can't see" and then me moving on to the floor so everyone can see.

4. We are adjusting to Stephen being home all the time now. Although I can see we will have to really commit to a routine with the children and school work until he starts his new job. Thechildren still see it as holiday time as does Stephen and I must admit I am just enjoying the relaxed feel of family life without the hassle and bustle of trips to the airport and all the preparation etc that involved.

5. Our two older boys have both put in job applications for Engineering type trainee positions (which is what they are both studying for).
If you can please spare a prayer for them!

6. We had our last official visit with our Disability Case worker for Moran. The service is being re-designed for want of a better word.
I am so thankful for the opportunity to have had this for Moran, least of all because we met a very special and dear friend, Bernadette.
Good luck in your new position dear Bernadette. I am sure all who have had the privilege of your care will miss you.

7. I have so many things I wan to accomplish in a day. So many projects, so many ideas to create with our family, so many takes to tick off each day.
I am trying t organise a new routine FOR ME that allows the EXTRAS in a day as well as the regular homemaking and home schooling, not to mention relation sip building with Stephen and our children.
Why aren't there more hours in the day?

Thank you Jennifer for hosting this week's 7 Quick Takes Friday


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Gardenia said...

you must be relieved and thankful that your beloved has a job close to your home. what a blessing after such a long trial of being away. Re-arranging furniture can be a chore, but I do actually enjoy reconstituting space for better organization or use. it's like turning over a new leaf -- starting anew. I'll check out the homemaking link too.


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