Friday, July 2, 2010

Birthday Books

This year as per usual I wanted some books that I have been eying up for over a year, well since I got my last year's books.
As we had been on a very strict budget for a very long time I was ssssooooooo pleased to finally get some 'new blood' so to speak.

Not that we don't have a houseful of books but it is so nice to get some new inspiration and ideas as well as craft planning.

These are the books I got and I have finished only ~ Lessons At Blackberry Inn so far as a I am reading the Pollyanna Series (the ones we own anyway.)

I am planning on doing a review on these as I read or browse them

Lessons at Blackerry Inn
The Curious Fish
A Handook of Feasts and Seasons
The Domestic Church - room by room
English Catholic Heroines
The Year and Our Children
Carefree Clothes for Children
Absolutely A Line
Handmade Home
Simplicity Parenting
Chosen and Cherished
Graced and Gifted
Beloved and Blessed



Kim said...

I look forward to reading your reviews - I've been eyeing some of the titles you have myownself! :D Happy birthday, as well (not sure if I missed it or whatnot!).

Erin said...

I didn't realise you received so many books, wow!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

great story

Gardenia said...

what wonderful gifts -- for your birthday recently (?). I've got the Year and Our Chidren which is wonderful. And thanks for all the links to these books so I can look at them. I would always love a book or two over any other present I think.


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