Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Confirmation and First Holy Communion Pictures

On with some more regular blogging~

On Saturday Eden, Saxon and Vellvin received the Sacrament of Confirmation and Rogan and Moran received Our Lord in the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.
It had been a very big build up for the children with the preparation I had required from them and the preparing for the day with making dresses and cakes and party food for afterwards.

I was very pleased with the older children especially as they almost completed the whole reading list and practically ALL of the memorisation (this is actually a big list if you check it out)

We were very blessed to have Vellvin's sponsor and some of the family come for the Confirmation as well as spend the week. This has meant lots of fun times for our children, and not much work done!!! But it has been a wonderful memory making week for all of them.

The night finally arrived with a lot still unfinished. The cakes were not finished, the seasons table incomplete and I quickly sewed up my skirt to wear(the inside is still a bit not finished) and then off we went to Church.
Thankfully our pews were reserved as we arrived only five minutes early, however Vellvin, Saxon and Eden were already there having gone to Confession prior to Mass

Here are some pictures we took after Mass and some previous photos of dresses etc.

On the above photo Saxon is at the back t the right with with Vellvin to his right and Eden to his left. It is a bit hard to see Moran but she is in front of Eden next to Rogan.
After Mass with the Archbishop
These are the coronets I have been working on for a couple of weeks of course Moran decided just before leaving hers didn't 'feel right' and wore her Mantilla instead. I have a tutorial to share, almost ready on how I made these.
This is the hand embroidery around the sleeves of Moran's dress.
Pink around Vellvin's sleeves
Eden's dress
Once home we got a group photo but I forgot to get individual ones
Too much excitement and lots of silliness.
The older girls wearing their Coronets. I forgot again to take a photo when they had their dresses on.
Just to show how unorganised I was this time, this is our Seasons Table that we decorate for birthdays and feast days and seasonal activities. These were some of the items I was going to use and add some others but putting them on the table was a s far as I got with it.
I wouldn't want people to think we get it all done all the time ♥
For Confirmation we make a fruit cake and decorate it, like we do for Baptism's but fairly simply.
SAxon, Eden and Vellvin each wanted an indivdual one. I did suggest they share one but they weren't impressed with the idea and the older children thought it unfair as they each got one by themselves.
They really didn't turn out how I wanted as I was very rushed at the end. Did I mention that already?
I had more elaborate plans for them and definitely wanted a smoother finish on the icing but panicked just enough at the end not to not achieve this☺
For First Holy Communion we make a simple Dove shape cake and put cream on top to decorate, one Dove for each child again.
We also have the cutting ceremony and this wasn't until the next day as we really had had enough to eat after Mass.
Our dinner consisted of Fruity Beef Stew (as this can be left simmering while at Mass) and we made some individual Apricot Danishes, small apple pies with cream and matchstick pastries.
So to avoid the overindulgence of cake as well, we had the cutting ceremony next day.
Needless to say the cake was consumed very quickly. All the dove cakes went immediately and of the three fruit cakes we have only one and a quarter left.
We are very thankful that our children have been able to receive these Sacraments and thank you to the Slee Family (well some of them) for coming so far and to Bernadette for helping with the dresses.
(I have another post on these as well)

One of the extra things I put in Moran and Rogan's presents we gave them was this beautiful prayer. I really like it and intend for the other children to memorise it as well for after receiving Our Lord.


Thou hast come to my heart, dearest Jesus,
I am holding Thee close to my breast;
I'm telling Thee over and over,
Thou art welcome, O Little White Guest.
I love Thee, I love Thee, my Jesus,
O please do not think I am bold;
Of course, Thou must knowest that I love Thee,
But I'm sure that Thou likest to be told.
I'll whisper, "I love Thee, my Jesus,"
And ask that we never may part;
I love Thee, O kind, Loving Jesus
And press Thee still nearer my heart.
And when I shall meet Thee in Heaven,
My soul then will lean on Thy Breast.
And Thou will recallest our fond meetings,
When Thou wert my little White Guest.


Perhaps you can see why the blogging has been very sparse lately ☺



Leanne said...

Thank You so much for sharing this such special day with us, and all its happenings. Leanne

Simply Heart And Home said...


Simply beautiful - the dresses, the cakes, the children, & the Sacraments. It is no wonder you have been so busy. Thank you for sharing it all with us!


Gardenia said...

Gae, everything was so beautiful. and all those sacraments in your home. the souls of your children are bright white and beaming with Jesus' love!!! I love the little white doves on the name cakes, and the Holy Spirit cakes with the fluffy icing. yes, no wonder you have been busy!! your embroidery on the sleeves is so lovely, and I love the coronets. and to make things more busy for you, I tagged you in a Cathoic prayers meme today. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. What a special day that must have been. We celbrated my niece/nephew's Confirmation/First Holy Communion last year so I can just imagine how special it was that day have five children receiving the Sacraments.

Oh and what a clever idea to do fruit cake for Confirmation.




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