Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eden's Birthday in Pictures

We celebrated Eden's birthday last week just after our feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
then we had our visitors arriving the next day so poor Eden hasn't had her birthday post.
I was very tired this night of preparation and so the children did mostly all of the preparations.
Eden usually does this banner but I think Saxon actually put it up this time.
Eden with her special presents. As well as her traditional present below, Eden was especially blessed to receive a Spinning Wheel.
It has been our tradition to have certain gifts for our children at certain ages. For our girls on their 15th birthday we give them a bangle and signet ring
Breakfast table was set, again the children were a huge help.
Birthday ring. I finally have new wooden figures to make some new characters for the birthday ring. I get just about all of my craft supplies from Winterwoodtoys
Homemade cards from devoted brothers and sisters
Birthday seasons table~Rogan decorated this one
Eden wanted a masquerade mask for her cake. So we used tiny little ball sprinkles to form the mask shape in two colours. Then a couple of icing flowers, a skewer and some ribbon to finish it off.
Candles for the birthday girl
Happy birthday Eden ♥

All our love,


Patty said...

Hi Gae~
I just found your post at Gardenia's. You have a beautiful family and beautiful blog.

I have to say that homemade cards are the BEST! My children love to create them as well.

Thanks for sharing!

Eden said...

thankyou Mummy
i love you
it was a great day
Eden xxxooo

Gardenia said...

Happy 15th to Miss Eden. what a lovely young woman and the handmade cards are wonderful -- I like how you display them -- my daughter loves to make handmade cards too. the cake is just grand.

Gardenia said...

oh, two more things I forgot to say -- I love that you teach the children the spinning wheel -- a lost treasure for sure; and in the last photo, Eden looks a lot like her mother. :)


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