Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time Outdoors!

Since Arwen has been walking, she has loved spending time outdoors.
When she was a bottom scooter it was difficult for her as she got really dirty (filthy really) and she couldn't keep up with the children and found it frustrating.
She has always been an outdoors girl though so is really enjoying being able to do so much.
She actually is very observant and can imitate sounds so easily.

These are some pictures from our last time outdoors together. The weather was cold and windy but I love that sort of weather and it seemed the children did too.
Calling for Cupcake...our cat.
Daddy still working when he got home.
Walking down to the gate looking at whatever we could see.
Myffwyn's latest camp at her favourite tree. This is where we saw our latest snake!!!!
Arwen investigating the rocks and pebbles.
Sharing her gifts with me
It is all so interesting for her
More for Mummy
I just need one more.

I am always reminded how much I enjoy being outside in the Winter weather. Thank you children for the opportunity to share this with you.



Gardenia said...

I love the pictures. a precious example of your family life. And the little poncho and hat on your girlie is so bright and lovely. btw, I gave you an award today. Stop on by.
one more thing too. i couldn't find the fairy bower on the spotlight link in your post. ??

Cinnamon said...

Little Arwen is dressed so adorable!! It's hard to believe she even needs that much clothing as we're sweltering here :-/

But I get it, you're "down under" :-)

I got your comment about "our story" and yes email me anytime.

Always a treat to hear from you~ Cinnamon


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