Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Library Haul!

Yesterday we had a library tour at the library we usually get our books from.
In Tasmania we do not have local libraries looked after by the Councils of that particular region but a state wide library. This means we can borrow from any library in the state and also return to any branch as well.
Our tour was organise by Kendra and we found out some interesting information on our library and how they work there.
One of the items to note that was our local librarians do NOT order the books for the libraries. They are 'outsourced' and so the librarians do not have any input to the decisions. These books arrive already covered and virtually ready to put on the shelves.

As we were already at the library we had an opportunity to fill our library bags.
At our library we have a limit of 15 books per person.
As we have 13 people in our family we can get 195 books plus the extra 10 on my Home Educators card. However as the adult cards receive a fine immediately on the overdue date and the children's cards have a VERY generous overdue allowance we use only the children's cards which means we can only get 150 books/DVD's/audio etc.

Below is what we came home with yesterday!
Computer games! Yes I have very reserved opinions on these. However as we have an older computer you cannot buy many games (Oh that is so sad children) for it so the library is a good source for the children.
Having said that I still try to limit this time very tightly.
Our collection of Audio books for this library trip.
Magic Tree house books. I think we cleaned them out of these.
The basket with chapter books in it. Some of them I have to pre read for the children to check if they are suitable for the children
Our collection of DVD's. Yes the stack is HUGE. Some again we have never seen, some are for our sick little ones who don't want to do much and some are for Older children etc, Miss Marple. etc.(Whoops Willy Wonka is from the Video shop)
Sugar and Spice is a lovely Australian series set in the 1920's we have LOVED watching this.

All Creatures Great and Small. This is a favourite of Stephen's who has been know to laugh hysterically for ages while reading this.

We have been told by the library staff that they love having us come as it boosts the numbers of borrowers tremendously.



Gardenia said...

yes, I imagine it boosts the numbers!! It looks as though you came away with some wonderful books and dvds and audio books too.

Leanne said...

Wow what a collection, Have you seen Sugar N spice? Leanne

Gae said...

Dear leanne,
Yes we have seen Sugar and Spice and we love it. It is one of those old fashioned films that are very family orientated. It is humourous with no 'suspect' issues. the chararcters are lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Great haul Gae. I like that your libraries are state wide. I'm fortunate that we live in Los Angeles County and our library system is huge and therefore we can bring books in from other areas as well. Makes a big difference :0)

By the way, I'm no longer blogging at simply suburban but hope you'll stop by my new blog. Can't wait for Heart for Home this week.


Cinnamon said...

I cannot believe you get that many books!! I would be scared to bring them all home and keep track of them.

I love all the old classics you got. What fun you will have. Winter time is a movie watching time for us and I love reading to the kids when the power is out, which happens at least once every winter. Such fun memories.

Thanks for your note. I have been extra busy. I'm sure you know what that is like when your dear husband was gone. Btw, I still get so excited for you knowing he is home with you all.

I will hopefully answer your email soon. The next week is a busy one for us.

Blessing dear friend~ Cinnamon

kim said...

whenever we get that many items out we always lose one or 2... so this summer i have been reluctant to get more than just a few. do you have a system to keep track of them ?

Gae said...

Dear Kim,
We have a specific basket or box, well actually a few and they stay in the boxes/baskets and the children will sit in front of this and read them.
The older children can take them to their rooms but they must be returned. Mostly this works for us and has for many years. The library book box spot is the same each week.
At the moment it is in our Library/learning room

Gae said...

Dear Cinnamon,
I too love the classicsd and look forward to listening and reading this week.
Thank you for your lovely thoughts about Stephen. I continue to pray for your dear John and your family.
I pray for peace in your coming week.
Whernever you can find the time I look forward to your email
Blessings dear friend too

Unknown said...

Ohhhh! It looks like you were able to get some delicious books! :) I love taking my children to the library - they just can't believe that you can take a library book home for free and read it! lol I hope you find joy through all your books dear friend!


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