Monday, August 23, 2010

Snow Day- lots of pictures

On Saturday our family had a wonderful day going to the snow on Cradle Mountain.
Now I know it is towards the end of winter here, but frankly it hasn't been very cold and we were fairly sure there wouldn't be a good lot of snow at Cradle Mountain to go and see.
It is about an 1 hour and 15 mins from where we live and although we took our children when Myffwyn was a baby we haven't been since.

Corbyn has been asking and asking "when is winter coming?" I would explain that winter was here but he meant snow as of course in most DVD's we see Winter is accompanied by snow and of course..... Christmas.
So listening to the snow reports all winter we hoped that the snow would still be around by the weekend, and it was.

So we went up in two vechiles our van and Stephen's work ute. Rogan, Moran, Myffwyn and Crobyn went with Stephen and as soon as we started to see some snow on the roadsides apparently Corbyn started saying " Thank you Daddy for bringing me to see snow" over and over and over. Too cute in my opinion. I wish I had seen his sweet little face.
aOnce at the Cradle mountain information center we re-bundled everyone up and hoped out to play in the snow. The children were very keen and built a small snowman or two, threw snowballs at each other and Stephen and I (not me too much as I was carrying Arwen and taking the photos).
When the little ones had had enough we went to the car and had the 'camp milo' we had packed went into the visitor information and bought a wonderul book on Australian Butterflies, a couple of odds and ends for my dear pen friend Emily and then drove home as to actually g up into the national park was going to cost us $120. Too much money for us.

I think national parks should be free to all Aussies, as I am sure we pay for it out of my dear Stephen's taxes already!!!! (just my little rant)
Lots of the children fell asleep on the way home, including some big ones too. Once home we did the usual unpacking and clean up after an outing.

But great fun was had by all. Below are a lot of pictures not all with captions.
I hope you enjoy our family day.
Saxon and snowball

Me helping Arwen walk for a little bit. No skirts today as I have no winter weight long petticoats.
Kynan with a huge snowball.
Myffy and Corbyn with their snow man
Our big boys together
All our boys
Sweet little Arwen.
Vellvin and Autumn
Moran with Stephen getting ANOTHER pair of boots.
The completed snow man

Eden making a snow lady
Braedon and Myffwyn- teaming up
Snow angels by Rogan
I love this picture. I would love to have this as my home.

Rogan running

Saxon - not cold!!

Stephen and the children
Our children
Me and the children
Eating snow...good for your Braedon
Autumn and her snow man
Myffy throwing snawballs at her Daddy... see love this
Rogan with a big one
The war has begun
Getting Daddy
Our girls
Our big girls
The car getting ready to go
Scenery from the road
A lovely waterfall on the roadside!!



Mom2Seven said...

Such fun! You have a beautiful family! +JMJ+

Erin said...

What a fun day!! My dc would love to see snow, just once!

It's outrageous we have to pay to enter NP!! I rant too. I think they charge per car here though, that price you quoted would be for overnight.

The first picture of you is simply stunning!!! You should have it framed, gorgeous{{}}

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun you all had!!
I'm so looking forward to cooler weather. It's been so hot here. :-(
Blessing to you, Gae, you have such a lovely family. :-)

Sarah Harkins said...

Wow, you have a lovely family! it's so strange that you have winter now when it's so hot here. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun :)

Leanne said...

Thanks Gae for a little peek into your day at the 'snow', gorgeous photos and yes I agree the one of you is lovely.

Kim said...

Your pictures have made me quite eager for our first snowfall ... it's coming soon, I can feel it! (hopefully not *too* soon, as that will make traveling to Greg's neuro appointments that much more hair-raising). :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae

I think your view on charging for national parks would be agreed with by many Australians. National Parks are a public good and as such are paid for by taxes so why charge to enter them. Was the $120 per car load or per person. Ten years ago here in Canberra they thought of charging people to enter the Australian War memorial, the most visited tourist attraction and it was quickly vetoed due to the public outcry. Soon after they removed th charge to visit the national Gallery everyday collections. If you have more than the so called average of two kids it becomes too expensive to go anywhere if they charge for the privilege to visit taxpayer covered public goods.



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