Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tasha Tudor Giveaway and our plans

 For all you Tasha Tudor fans be sure to check out the giveaway on Rockery Ramblings

Don't Forget to look at the ideas  that Suzanne from Blueberry Cottage and of course Clarise from Storybook Woods have in store for this celebration too

Our plans consist of making:
Tasha Tudor Animal Shapes using a the patterns I bought some years ago and can't find on line now.

Stew and her Yorkshire pudding -we have this often for dinner. We use The Tasha Tudor Cookbook for this.

A Tea Party with small delicacies like our dolls Fair, I really must do a post on the dolls fairs we have done in the past.
These will have invitations delivered by Mrs Robin  or Miss Wren from the Sparrow Post office from her newly made Post Satchel

We will read her books and hopefully I will work on the little smock I am making for  Arwen using a pattern similar to the one in  Old Fashioned Gifts

We will also soak up the atmosphere by watching  Take Peace and Take Joy while maybe even getting a little hand craft in too.

However our celebrations will not be until after the 28th as our oldest son tuns 21 on this day.

I look forward to sharing pictures from our celebration with you



Storybook Woods said...

Happy Tasha Tudor day!!! I know it will be a lovely celebration xoxox Clarice

Simply Heart And Home said...


Your Tasha Tudor celebration sounds wonderful. We are celebrating today!

Happy Birthday to your dear child. Time does fly so quickly.


Judy Dudich said...

Sounds like a wonderful celebration!
Those dvd's are magnificent...I will see if they are carried at our local library!


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