Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thrift Shop Finds

When we had our visitors from interstate last week. We had a lovely day trip to Penguin and Burnie. While in Penguin we stopped in at a thrift shop and were able to walk away with these lovely bargains.
This sweet little pinafore and knitted cardigan for Arwen. Just what we like for her and for a total of $4.50
Enjoying the fun of them with Myffwyn who is 'keeping after her little buddy'
This lovely crocheted child's shawl was snatched up by me for Moran and Myffwyn to share. Although Moran seems to be the one to prefer wearing it. It is really very, very warm and has a pretty shell design on it, very like some of our baby clothes.
Just because Myffy looked so sweet.

The scarf and the book are for me, the book at Mr Slee's suggestion.
I always pick up any Magic School Bus books I see because our children really love them.
The Snow White easy reader I thought would be a great first reader for Moran when she gets to it.

All in all it was a productive little time at this tiny little shop, we virtually filled the shop and some of the children waited outside while the purchasing was done.



Gardenia said...

I love a great dfeal, and looks like you got some very nice ones. the shawl and the pink cardigan are so sweet.

Alexandra said...

Lovely finds! I need to make another trip soon as well. Tomorrow our tax free weekend begins for clothing and school supplies.


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