Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Cupcakes!!!!!!

Cupcake and her kittens
Last Sunday when mot of the family went to Mass. I stayed home with Saxon who has been quite ill with a virus.
We have been expecting our Kitten, Cupcake to have her own kittens any day now and were very excited when we finally found her in the bottom our our wardrobe with her four new little kittens.

In all the years we have had pets we have never had one give birth to young.

We were surprised at our sweet the kittens were right from the start and have fallen in love with them too.
We are trying to come up with name and like the 'food theme' we have with Cupcake. So Muffin, Biscuit and Crumble are high on the list with Myffy insisting we have a Moppet.
the four little kittens
Of course this fits in well with our K week too!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Vellvin said...

They are so sweet Mummy!

Gina said...

Cupcake looks like she is enjoying motherhood. How sweet!


Erin said...

Oh, how wonderful! We were blessed to become the parents of a kitten dropped off at our vet the day she was born and were able to start visiting and holding her when she was 10 days old...what an amazing journey. Love your naming is precious.

Prairiemaid said...

Cupcake did a great job!

We have an outdoor Mama Cat. On my husband's birthday a couple of years ago all the kids and grands were here. She promptly ran in the house and gave birth to four kittens in the living room. Kind of a "live demonstration." One of the grandsons that was about 4 at the time said, "Oh look! She's having another mouse." LOL

Have a good week, Gae!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gae,

Hello! It has been awhile...I lost track of you and then I couldn't get into your blog - computer troubles on my part :(

But I found you again to enjoy your wonderful addition to your family...but animal and human :)

Congratulations dear friend - you are expecting! What joy your family must be feeling at this moment. Blessings are abundant at your house dear one :)

Have a blessed Thursday,


Alexandra said...

Oh my gosh, so precious! I have a gray tabby boy cat. We've had him since he was a kitten. If only we closed closer, I would beg you for one of them. :) We love gray tabby cats.

Congratulations and blessings on your pregnancy.


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