Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life and the Cuteness Factor!!

Well life has been interesting this last week. I have had some slight cramping in my tummy and was concerned enough finally to go to the doctor on Friday. She was concerned enough that she wanted me  to have an ultrasound to make sure we didn't have and ectopic pregnancy.
So our  Friday  for which I had other plans (which became another day of unscheduled appointments making our day a little  lot unstructured) was an interesting day, where I left a very distraught little Arwen at home twice, though it was a relief  to find that everything was fine with our little baby, praise God -- although no twins for our children this time either.

So we have had a few interruptions to life again this week with blood test for Moran which was very traumatic for her. WHY do not these medical professionals NOT listen to what we KNOW about how she will respond if presented with a certain situation???????

We also had the real estate agent come to tell us about how we can sell the house soon with an advertising campaign. Needless to say we thought HE would come up with the plan BUT.... no the first thing he suggested was we lower the price (again) and then WE had to come up with the advertising ideas ourselves.
I wonder: are their ANY Real Estate Agents who actually WORK for the commission they are paid?
It seems we pay them to sell our house, but only after paying for the advertising that will  sell our house and do all the planning for it!!!! Is there no one who actually goes out and tries to sell the house rather than just expecting it to sell by putting it in the window of a real estate shop!
Exactly what are we paying the Commission for???

Enough of the minor inconveniences of life. Here are a few of the highlights of the week for me.
YES .....our children interacting together!
Saxon was giving Corbyn some PE to try to use up some of his seemingly unending energy. I just love the Kung Fu head bands that Corbyn insisted on them both wearing.
Some of our children have some new summer hats. Saxon just loves his and wears it ALL the time.
Bouncing on the trampoline is a great way for using energy too.
Myffy made a home for herself and Arwen in the Rainbow Bower. I have said before how much our children have enjoyed playing in these bowers. With the warmer weather I expect we will see more of this type of play too.
I love this photo of Corbyn 'flying'
Myffwyn and Arwen feeding and tending tho the bunnies. It is such a joy to see the little ones helping each other with the chores and care of the animals. Arwen just loves to help anyone who looks busy.
One of my favourite and most warming times in our family is to see our older children with their adoring  younger brothers and sisters.
Arwen and Myffy were loving sitting on Kynan's lap while we spent an evening together. Arwen has developed a love of  her 'baby' and takes her everywhere with her.
Of course 'baby' had to have a hat like her and Kynan.

 Arwen loving her 'baby' again.
 I am only helping with the cooking Mummy! I wasn't really licking the bowl and creating a flour mess!!!
 Our kittens are really growing and we are trying to decide what to do with them. Everyone has a favourite and wants to keep them all. The white paws kitten is Moppet and if we only keep one it will probably be her. She is very friendly and loves to come and visit with the children.
 When you get cabbages it is fairly obvious you make cabbage leaf hats from the leaves isn't it?
Our miniature dynamite boy. Yes, he insisted he wanted to eat his "Guinea Pig Food" ie oats not cooked with  a wooden spoon.
 The joys of being a big sister to a little sister is you can dress the little sister how you want her to look. Autumn was so wanting Awen to wear a skirt, with the slightly warmer weather and of course nothing suits it better but a cute denim jacket.
 Vellvin loving a kitten. It is not unusual to go up to our bedroom and find someone there just loving a kitten or two or more.
Moran holding on to this little one for  just a second. She soon dropped placed it gently down after said kitten dug it's little claws into her hand.
And a last little photo of our newest edition. Early days yet and not very clear but there you have it, a new little life to welcome into our family. A blessing to be sure!!!!

Well that is a little round up in words and pictures of our week. Thank you for sharing in our week.
Blessings to you and your homes,


Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Gae,

What fun pictures! They remind me so much of our days :) . I"m glad that everything is going well with your pregnancy; I will keep you in my prayers.

We have been frustrated by the lack of service with our realtor, too. I'm glad that at least we're not the only ones! We may have to take an ad out in the paper this month, since our house hasn't been listed in the "Home Seekers" magazine that has all the local houses listed. Fun, fun!



Gardenia said...

Dear Gae, praise the Lord for a beautiful baby inside! thanks for sharing the ultrasound pic. love the photos -- the one of babyboo sucking on her pacifier is adorable! we love the trampoline at our house too -- and it wears her out!!

Kendra said...

Gae, you might want to contact John Kohler. He use to be with Roberts but recently (like sometime this year) moved to Raine & Horne.

Not only is he very knowledgeable in this field, he refuses to take any form of slack from a real estate agent who won't do their job. Mind you, we've never personally sold a house with him, all though the home we rent was sold through him and only on the market for a very short time.

He was also very willing to discuss selling pointers for a family member who was selling their home without even having seen it, but just going on our description.

allisamazing said...

I love the pictures of your happy family. I will keep you in my prayers as you try to sell your home and prepare for the arrival of your newest blessing. ~Alana~

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures of your happy family. :-) So glad to here all is well with you and the new little one.
Enjoy your weekend,
God bless,
Anne x

Suzanne said...

Glad you and baby are okay! Prayers for a healthy, full term pregnancy. I must say the family looks happy as clams:-)

Kim said...

Praise God for newest edition! I loved seeing all the pics of the family. :D

Gentle Heart Homestead said...

Great pics Gae! I like the kung foo boys and the 'flour girl'. We also have an ultrasound photo of our youngest- it's at 20 weeks and he's looking at us and waving lol!! they're precious images. I hope your selling woes get sorted soon for you. and I pray that you stay strong and healthy:-) love and blessings..Trish

Nadja said...

Beautiful photos, Gae. So glad things are going well for everyone now...praying for a happy, healthy pregnancy for you!

Jen said...

This sure is a nice post! Adorable pictures, kittens, brothers and sisters spending good time together, little munchkins playing with their dollies, happy baby's all here! I like the rainbow bower, too, that's neat. Thanks for sharing your happy moments. :-)

Marla Grace said...

Glad to hear everything is alright!Love the pictures!Blessings to you,and your family.

kee said...

Congratulations Gae on your pregnancy! God bless you and your children. I'm sure the older ones will be a great help to you.
I'm afraid estate agents are the same here too. Not sure how they make a living at all these days. They don't even manage to return calls... it's not as if they're too busy.
Much love.

Judy Dudich said...

When I catch a glimpse into your loving home and wonderful family, it makes me want to catch the next airplane to Australia and pop in for an extended stay!!!!!!!!!!
May showers of blessings rain down upon your precious children and home today! Saint Joseph, we beseech this home to sell!!!


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