Monday, November 22, 2010

Christ the King in our Home - 'don't expect too much' 2010

Although our celebration of Christ the King was not a very big event in terms of activities and table decorations I believe we had a memorable day.
First off both Saxon and Rogan served at Mass, Moran got to carry up the crown on a pillow and place it in from of the Altar, then Vellvin and Moran took up the gifts as well.
We had some lovely old hymns, which is rare and we celebrated Mass with visiting friends.

So really the only crafts we did was Crown templates for the children that we cut out and coloured for them to wear. Of course I did not get a photo of them until after I couldn't find them.

We also had some gold ones for table decorations (that didn't happen as we would normally) and made our book marks that are traditional for Feast days in our home.

The main reason we did not celebrate much was that dear Anna-Lisa who has been visiting for a couple of weeks and her parents were going back to the mainland about 5:30pm in the afternoon. So most of the time was spent in last minute time together, just talking and being together.
We have continued to have our Sunday BBQ traditions and of course Sundays on Sunday (today a modified simple version and today was a lovely addition with the guests we were going to be saying goodbye to soon.
 Don't you love the smell of BBQ meat?
AS the time came to say goodbye our Braedon and Anna-Lisa were becoming more and more morose, however Anna-Lisa was able to manage a smile before she left.
 A crown of clover was made for me for Eden who loves to present me with various hair arrangements of flowers frequently.
 Our table decorations~honestly this was as decorated as it got.

 We went to wave good bye to our friends a little later as the ship was leaving the port. It was quite cold and windy and we were a little chilled waiting for the ship to head out
 Cloaks and warm clothes for those waiting. I was standing behind a shelter....I was very cold.
 Waving good bye, a sad time for all . We loved having Anna-Lisa here again and she really fits in well with our family. The little ones love her and we had to take turns with her company.
 The sad moment as the ship went past us........
We then raced up to the point where the light house was and watched the ship go over the horizon. Then off home we went all a little sadder.

So although we did not celebrate this feast day as we normally do. I think we celebrated the love of Christ in our hearts and home, sharing the gift of love with each other. ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


Vellvin said...

When can Anna-Lisa and Nellie come?
When we've moved?
Of course they have to watch on Stranger Tides with us at the movies when it comes out and we WILL be moved.
love you Mummy,

Kendra said...

We were watching the boat leave last night too, but that's a nightly occurrence because we can see it from our lounge room window!

Kim said...

You did more than we did, Gae. :) That clover crown is wonderful!

Gardenia said...

Gae, oh you all miss Anna-Lisa. I do like your crown table decorations. We heard a beautiful message on the Solemnity of Christ the King from our pastor yesterday, and I am burning with love for Our Lord -- you know, it's what's in your heart that matters, and perhaps having a little respite from the full celebratory activities was kind of nice for you. :) blessings,


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