Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Vellvin ♥

Dearest Vellvin,
How can another year have passed already.
Each day is a blessing watching you grow in love of the Lord and service of others.
You are an inspiration  to me as I see how readily you are available to be of help of assistance to others.
I love your enthusiasm and your ability to laugh. In fact your hysterical laughing can be quite amusing at times.
It has been wonderful to observe that as you grow older you still have the sweet sunny disposition you had a as a precious baby.

How blessed we are to have you in our family
Happy Birthday sweet and wonderful daughter ♥♥

All our Love Always


Marla Grace said...

Beautiful!Happy birthday to your sweet daughter!Blessings,Marla Grace

Vellvin said...

Thanks Mummy!
but I learned it all from you and Daddy and all the family. And without you and Daddy I wouldn't be here.
Love you,


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